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Silver weapons are vital to penetrate the thick skin of Werewolves who have very high resistance to other weapons. (When using a non-silver weapon to fight a werewolf, forget about all of the extra damage points you would expect to get added in from your Strength and/or Agility and/or Combat SKills. You may find that the maximum amount of damage you can generate is even less than the maximum damage value of the weapon in the hands of a character with 0 Strength and 0 Agility and no combat skills. You have been warned.)

List of Silver Weapons

Icon Name Class RarityCost/Val Damage Speed Crit % DPS Attribute
Silver Hammer.png Hammer of the White Priest W, R, C Unique6000/1500 Sword.png 6-8 +Cold.png 3 11 6 11.2 Holy 2 ♦ Silver
Weapon sword long flaming.png Justice W, R Uncommon4500/1125 Sword.png 5-9 +Fire.png 5 10 6 12.3 Holy 3 ♦ Silver
Wpn maul garack.png Maul of Garrak W, C Unique8000/2000 Sword.png 8-16 +Shock.png 7 8 4 15.5 Silver
Weapon shortbow.png Silver Bow W, R Common1900/475 Sword.png 2-6 11 5 4.6 Silver
Weapon bow compos light.png Silver Bow of Malan W, R Unique8000/2000 Sword.png 5-10 +Holy.png 4 10 5 11.8 Holy 3 ♦ SilverBanishing 3
Weapon dagger white.png Silver Dagger All Common800/200 Sword.png 2-6 13 7 5.6 Silver
Weapon greatsword white.png Silver Greatsword W Common2000/500 Sword.png 5-13 9 4 8.4 Silver
Weapon longsword white.png Silver Longsword W, R Common1000/250 Sword.png 5-9 10 6 7.3 Silver
Weapon mace white.png Silver Mace W, C Common2000/500 Sword.png 6-8 9 5 6.5 Silver
Weapon shortsword white.png Silver Shortsword W, R Common1400/350 Sword.png 3-7 11 6 5.8 Silver
Weapon mace white.png Silvery Mace W, C Unique500/125 Sword.png 6-8 9 5 6.5 Holy 1 ♦ SilverBanishing 2