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See page Skill Table for a basic description of all skills.

Cleric Skills

Mage Skills

Rogue Skills

Warrior Skills

General Skills

Advanced Skills

Resetting skill points

  • You can reset your character's skills and redistribute skill points by talking to Dirg Sweetblade, Sister Marie, Darema Brighthammer, or Mezimer. You may reset your trait points, reset skill points, or forget all advanced skills for 2,000 gold the first time. The cost for resetting anything will increase all other costs by 4,000 gold each time. For example, resetting skill points will cost 2,000; then resetting trait points will cost 6,000; then resetting skill points again will cost 10,000.
  • You can reset your companion's trait and skill points for 5,000 gold the first time and an additional 2,000 gold each time afterwards. Your companion will NOT forget their advanced skills by doing this.