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The following table contains every skill available in Exiled Kingdoms. You can sort the table by clicking column headers. For example, if you click on War twice, it will put all of the Warrior skills on the top. Note that these skills are already separated on the page Warrior for convenience.

Name War Rog Cle Gen Adv Effects Points Cooldown Mana Reqs Description
Link=Arbeno's Might Arbeno's Might
You do +3+5+8 damage, and +4 fire damage, for 8910 seconds. 123 151515 345 The power of Arbenos the Warrior envelopes you, in the form of sacred flames. You will do more damage, both normal and fire based.
Link=Archery Archery
Gain +1+2+3 arrow damage, and an extra +1 for each 543 levels. 3%5%7% stun chance. 123 You are an expert in the use of projectile weapons, and deal extra damage and a chance to stun enemies.
Link=Assassinate Assassinate
10%20%35% chance of Stab immediate cooldown, 30%50%75% if the Stab killed the enemy 123 Stab 3 After a succesful Stab, the skill has a chance to immediately cool down and be available again.
Link=Bash Bash
Enemy pushed back 234 meters and stunned 123 seconds (+1 second if you use a shield) 112 161412 Slam into an enemy, to push him back and maybe stun him. Does some damage, and it's a good way to split enemies or escape them.
Link=Charge Charge
Charge does +60%+90%+125%+160% damage. 1123 1211109 Your battle rage drives you through lines of enemies, cutting through them. Hitting more enemies causes more damage.
Link=Cleave Cleave
You hit one enemy normally, and onetwothree extra enemies for 50%60%75% damage 123 Your attacks are a deadly flurry of slashes. If your attack can hit more than one enemy in front of you, you will hit them all, not just the closest.
Link=Crusader Crusader
Your hits have a 2%4%5% stun chance. Against undead, +2+3+4 damage 122 You have received training as a warrior priest. You know the most efficient ways to combat the undead.
Link=Duel Duel
Damage increments by +1+2+2 per hit, up to a maximum of +4+6+10 123 PER 2 If you hit twice the same enemy, you gain bonus damage, which keeps increasing with each new hit. The effect ends if you hit a different enemy, or you abandon combat.
Link=Dungeoneering Dungeoneering
Gain a +10%+18%+25% bonus to find traps and secret doors. 111 You are an expert in dungeon exploration, and can find more easily hidden traps or secret doors
Link=Evasion Evasion
50%70%90% chance to dodge any attacks during 5 seconds. 123 302520 You can focus on defense, dodging incoming attacks for a few seconds.
Link=Extra Recovery Extra Recovery
Gain +1+2 recovery/day 35 You gain extra uses of the recovery button per day.
Link=Fury Fury
When you have less than 30%35%35% HP, deal +30%+50%+65% damage 122 When you are injured, your rage increases your damage output making you more dangerous than ever
Link=Gossip Gossip
Gain a +5%+10%+15% bonus to learn rumors. 111 You know how to be friendly enough to listen to local news and legends
Link=Heal Wounds Heal Wounds
Heals a total of 3075125 HP 123 101010 6128 Heals instantly a certain amount of life, even during combat. It heals you first until you are fully healed; any remaining healing goes to other party members.
Link=Heavyhand Heavyhand
Gain +1+3+5 extra damage per attack 123 STR 4 Extensive training makes you put more might behind every blow. Your melee attacks cause additional damage.
Link=Holy Shield Holy Shield
Gain +4+6+8+10 armor and +25+40+65+80 resistance vs Death, for 6 seconds 1222 12121110 4566 Divine Power protects you from harm, and from Death Magic.
Link=Intervention Intervention
You are healed for 248 HP for each mana point you had left 111 In your hour of most need, the Gods intercede to save your life. When you are injured down to death, all your remaining mana is spent, and you are healed.
Link=Kick Kick
Enemy pushed back 234 meters away and slowed for 345 seconds 112 987 Hit an enemy's leg to push him back and make his movement slower. Does some damage, and it's a good way to split groups of enemies or escape certain death.
Link=Massive Criticals Massive Criticals
Criticals do up to 200%250%300% of max weapon damage, 10%25%50% chance to kill weaker enemies. 123 STR 3 Your critical hits go beyond the usual 150% max damage, with a chance to insta-kill enemies 2 levels below yours (some are inmune)
Link=Nivaria's Barrier Nivaria's Barrier
Gain +1+2+3 armor, an extra +1+2+3 vs undead attacks. 112 The mystical power of Nivaria protects you permanently from harm, and in particular from the undead.
Link=Poison Master Poison Master
Increase poison effect by 0%25%50%, and duration by 50%75%100%. +10+20+30 to Toxic Resistance 123 INT 1, END 2 You are well versed in the dubious art of poisoning your weapons, and your familiarity makes you resistant to many of them.
Link=Precission Shots Precission Shots
Increase weapon's base critical chance by 50%100%150% 123 INT 1, AWA 1 Your critical chance with ranged weapons is increased.
Link=Precission Strikes Precission Strikes
Increase weapon's base critical chance by 50%100%150% 123 INT 1, AWA 1 Your critical chance with melee weapons is increased.
Link=Rapid Fire Rapid Fire
Attack speed increased by 40%70%100% for 6 seconds 123 202020 AGI 4 For a few seconds, your rate of fire with bows increases.
Link=Resilience Resilience
Gain +5+8+12 armor for 6810 seconds 123 606060 For a limited time, you focus in defense, and obtain an armor bonus. You may survive dangers that would normally kill you.
Link=Sacred Fire Sacred Fire
Flames deal 101830 damage, and additional +6+10+12 damage to undead 122 876 368 A surge of purifying flames erupts 2 meters ahead of you, consuming your enemies. It deals extra damage to undead.
Link=Shield Expert Shield Expert
When wielding a shield, +1+2+3 armor, an extra +2+3+4 vs projectiles. 123 You are very experienced at fighting using a shield, in particular to cover from ranged attacks (including magical)
Link=Sneak Attack Sneak Attack
When flanking an enemy, deal x2x2.25x2.5 damage and stun for 1 second(0%30%50% chance) 222 When you flank an enemy in melee (attacking by surprise or behind), you will do extra damage, beyond the usual x1.5
Link=Sprint Sprint
You can sprint for 456 seconds. 111 302520 An adrenaline rush will allow you to move extremely fast for a few seconds. It doesn't affect combat, just movement.
Link=Stab Stab
Your next attack deals extra damage: 6101520+level 1233 1412109 You prepare a single, deadly attack. After using this skill, you have a few seconds to launch a blow with extra damage.
Link=Stealth Stealth
Stealth lasts 81012 seconds. (See note for additional details) 123 252525 The ability to move without being heard or seen, avoiding enemies or surprising them in combat. If you get close to enemies, they have a chance of spotting you.
Link=Thelume's Wisdom Thelume's Wisdom
75%95% chance of detecting hidden items in a 10m20m radius. You'll also know about undiscovered doors in the area. 11 3030 35 You are inspired by the revelations of Thelume. You can detect hidden things, and see through illusions.
Link=Trap Master Trap Master
Set trap (152030 seconds duration, level 1-34-66-10). +10%+20%+30% bonus to disarm traps and locks. 123 151515 You are an expert at deactivating traps, or even setting them
Link=Two Handed Expert Two Handed Expert
With 2-handed weapons, add your STR x1.5x2x2 to damage, and +5%+5%+10% stun chance 123 You are especially proficient with two-handed weapons.
Link=Whirlwind Whirlwind
Whirlwind deals 50%75%100%120% extra damage, 0%3%5%7% stun chance 1233 1211109 Hit all enemies around you with a spinning slash. Pushes back and deals extra damage, maybe stunning them.

Note: The second level of Stealth reduces the chances of enemies hearing you, while the third level gives a 50% chance to open doors and chests without being noticed.

Skill Icons

(all except Thelume's wisdom)

(Thelume's wisdom)