Soul Drinker

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Soul Drinker
Forged starmetal vibrating with ancient dark enchantments.
― In-game text


A heavy greataxe imbued with dark enchantments, this weapon is made of a metal not seen by many smiths. A subtle vibration and the fact that, when observed closely, light bends and dims around this arcane weapon is unsettling. One must wonder about and fear the hands that forged the Soul Drinker.

This is an Uncommon item, a rare drop or obtainable from faction specific merchants.


No known associated quests



Group Type Category Class Cost Value
2-Handed Greataxe W 18000 4500
Damage Speed Crit % DPS Attribute Health Armor
Sword.png 4-19 +Death.png 6 9 5% 16.3 Beast Slayer 2