Spicing Things Up

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Side Quest: Spicing Things Up
Spicing Things Up.png
Starting Location
New Garand (City)
Given By
Fritha Rhayader
Side with Fritha:
500 gold

Side with Jethro:
800 gold

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Spicing Things Up is a quest given to you by Fritha Rhayader at New Garand (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 18 - Completable

Fritha Rhayader needs help regaining a family medallion so she may rightful compete in the spice trade as her ancestors did. Spice Trader Jethro offers you a different option after accepting the quest.

Quest Steps

  1. Locate Fritha's stall in Southern New Garand.
  2. Agree to help her find her family's medallion.
  3. Spice Trader Jethro will offer you a reward if you bring the medallion to him instead.
  4. Head to the Abandoned Smuggler Hideout in the southwest corner of the Northern Inori.
  5. Obtain the medallion from the corpse in the secret room.
  6. Make your choice and return the medallion.


New Garand (City)Abandoned Smuggler HideoutFritha Rhayader or Spice Trader Jethro

Detailed Walkthrough

Fritha Rhayader is a merchant in New Garand. She has had a tough time competing with Spice Trader Jethro because of an old Varsilian tradition regarding families and their trade. Fritha's ancestors were spice traders but her grandfather lost the medallion that proves this to others. He was on a caravan headed west but was robbed, and the medallion has not been seen since. She asks you to find the medallion and restore her families honor.

As you walk back through New Garand, Spice Trader Jethro will interrupt you. He works for the Golden Hand, an established merchant guild, and would prefer to keep Fritha from being able to trade properly. He offers you more money than Fritha if you return the medallion to him instead. Now you have a choice to make, but first we must find the medallion.

Leave New Garand through the west exit into the Northern Inori. Follow the road west until it turns to the north. Leave the road and travel southwest towards the corner of the map. You are looking for a staircase in the sand that leads to the Abandoned Smuggler Hideout. Prepare before you enter as a swarm of skeletons can attack as soon as you do. Clear the small area and loot the chest in the southeast corner, then head to the southwestern wall, near the pile of blood and bones. You need to detect a secret door on this wall in order to proceed. Once you have the door, get ready for a mini-boss. A Vengeful Wraith and a spike trap guard this room. The Wraith's death elemental will hit hard so be ready with a death ward potion or healing potions. When he is defeated, head into the caged area and loot the corpse to find the long lost medallion. Now back to town and decide Fritha's fate.

Jethro will give you 800 gold instead of 500 and you will earn reputation with the Golden Hand. Because she was unable to retrieve the medallion herself or offer the right price, Jethro sees nothing worthy in Fritha. This choice will cost you some reputation in Varsilia though.

If instead you stick with your initial promise and return the medallion to Fritha. As a lady of honor, she gives you the 500 gold and thanks you for the chance to become the greatest spice trader ever. Scorning Jethro will cost you reputation with the Golden Hand, but you will gain a bump in Varsilia.


Quest Rewards

Side with Fritha:


  • 500 gold


Side with Jethro:


  • 800 gold


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