Spiritual Ward

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Spiritual Ward

Your willpower and inner strength are legendary, making you more resilient to stun, paralysis and other mind effects. Gain a permanent bonus to Spirit resistance, which stacks with other bonuses.
― In-game text

Given that it can be frustrating to watch your character get beaten to a pulp while they are stunned or paralyzed, there is an appeal to increasing Spirit resistance. This skill will stack with all your other Spirit resistance to help you when enemies try to stun or paralyze you. This is a passive skill that is used automatically.


War Rog Cle Mag

This is an advanced skill, learned from: Sister Mada

Prerequisites: Personality 2


Level Effect Cost
1 Gain +10 to Spirit resistance. 1
2 Gain +20 to Spirit resistance. 1
3 Gain +30 to Spirit resistance. 1

Enemies Using this Skill

Name Type Level XP Health Armor Damage DPS Resistances