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Physical might, ability to lift, press and cause harm. Its main effect is increasing melee damage, but also increases your health.
― In-game description

Strength (STR) is a trait that is primarily used by Warriors, who benefit from its strong bonus to 2-handed weapons and to a lesser extent hand weapons. Clerics have also been known to pick up a couple points when favoring heavier weapons (and to get the hit point/level bonus).

You can also equip certain armour items to give this trait a boost.

Strength Benefits

Benefits Relationship to other Traits
+1.5 damage/STR point with 2-handed weapons Unique
+1 damage/STR point with hand weapons Better than Agility
+0.5 damage/STR point with light weapons Worse than Agility
Every 2 points of STR grant +1 hit point/level Worse than Endurance
Strength score In-game message
0 As strong as the average kid. You're a kid, right?
1 Bullies will finally pick someone else.
2 Your muscles make obvious you're an action person.
3 Could armwrestle with a minotaur. You'd lose, though.
4 Could armwrestle with a minotaur, and maybe win.
5 Superhuman strength. Hard to find clothes that fit those biceps.

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