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Grants Immunity to all stun effects and halves the duration of paralysis.

List of Stun Immunity Slot Items

Icon Name Class Rarity Cost/Value Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistances Traits
Amulet dark.png Amulet of Dark Whispers All Unique 8000/2000 -25 50 Stun Immunity Awareness.png 2
Scarf red.png Bloodied Scarf R Unique 3000/750 2 Stun Immunity
Vest1.png Conductive Vest C Uncommon 3000/750 7 10 30 Stun Immunity Shock.png 20 Holy.png 10
Ring10.png Ring of Holiness C Crafted 7000/1750 1 20 Stun Immunity Cold.png 30 Personality.png 1