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This is a base template for infoboxes. It is not meant to be directly called from within Wiki pages, but for implementing customized infoboxes in other templates.


|Title = 
|Surtitle = 
|Subtitle = 
|Content0 = 
|Style0 = 
|Header1 = 
|Content1 = 
|Style1 = 
<!-- ...up to 9... -->
|Header9 = 
|Content9 = 
|Style9 = 


TitleYesThe title of the infobox.arbitrary text
SurtitleNoText to be displayed directly above the title.arbitrary text
SubtitleNoText to be displayed directly below the title.arbitrary text
Content0NoThe content of the cell below the title.arbitrary text / image
Style0NoInline CSS styles for formatting Content0."inline CSS style" (in quotation marks)
Header1...Header9NoThe different headers of the infobox. Up to 9 are possible. Empty headers will not be displayed.arbitrary text
Content1...Content9NoThe content of the cells below Header1...Header9, respectively. Will only display if the corresponding Header is not empty.arbitrary text or image
Style1...Style9NoInline CSS styles for formatting Content1...Content9, respectively."inline CSS style" (in quotation marks)

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