This template is to be used when creating dungeon pages. Copy the text below and paste it to the page. Then input the correct information.

Here is an explanation of the parameters for using this template:

Name=The name of the dungeon.
Worldmap=9 square Worldmap with target city in center square
Gamemap=Map of the dungeon itself.
Overview=A description and Lore for the dungeon
Columns=Adjusts how many columns info is displayed (should be 2 normally)
Inhabitants=A list with * of the mobs found inside of the dungeon. Make sure to use full and correct entries.
npcs=List with * Any NPCs found inside of this dungeon. Put what quest they are affiliated with in ( )
Quests=List with * Any quests started or completed within the dungeon.
POI=List with * Any additional levels or dungeons with different names within this one. Areas of note like prisons.
Items=List with * Any specific items found within the dungeon as well as containers. Containers should be listed by type and then items the next line down with 3 spaces preceding the entries.
Areas=Any connecting areas to outside of the dungeon. Entrances and exits to the outside world.
Transportation=Means of transport found in the dungeon (boat, ship, teleport, etc)
Notes=Any specific Loreseeker notes to be added for this location. Loreseeker notes should use a span style="color:##2E8B57;" within <> then the text and a /span within <>

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The content in the Lore subsection of this page has been added by the community, and does not come from within the Exiled Kingdoms game or its developer, 4Dgames. In case of discrepancies with the lore in-game, the latter takes precedence. Please use the "Discussion" page if such a discrepancy is found so that corrections can be made.

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