The Best Plan

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Side Quest: The Best Plan
The Best Plan.png
Starting Location
Kingsbridge (City)
Given By
Sergeant Dumek
Turn in Orc Battle Plans:
250 gold
Related Quests
Fort Assault

The Best Plan is a quest given to you by Sergeant Dumek at Kingsbridge (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 37 - Completable

Sergeant Dumek would like proof of the orcs' plans to show the Baron that they are a serious threat.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Sergeant Dumek about the orc problem.
  2. Kill Orcs until one drops Orc Battle Plans.
  3. Return to Dumek for your reward.


Kingsbridge (City)Orc Battle PlansSergeant Dumek

Detailed Walkthrough

Sergeant Dumek is a member of the Warrior's Guild currently stationed at Kingsbridge (City) at the request of the baron. While here, he has noticed that the Orcs are able to run free. His orders force him to simply keep the town safe, instead of taking the fight to the orcs. If he could be brought their battle plans, there is a chance he could convince the baron to take the threat more seriously.

To find the plans, you will need to kill Orcs until one drops. Orcs are plentiful in south part of Kingsbridge, and have a small encampment in Southern Bluemist River. You can also brave the Urzuganar Lair to the east of southern Kingsbridge if you're feeling brave or strike out in the other areas. Grab the plans when they drop, and head back to town.

With the proof in hand, Dumek is certain he can convince the Baron to let him take action. He rewards you with 250 gold and your Warrior's Guild reputation raises by 3 and your Kingsbridge reputation goes up 2. He also mentions there may be more work for you in a few days.


Quest Rewards

Turn in Orc Battle Plans:


  • 250 gold


Related Quests


  • Sticking up for the nobles will cause your Warrior's Guild reputation to drop by 1.
  • Completing this quest in tandem with Prisoner of Orcs will minimize time spent killing orcs.