The Cursed Abbey

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Side Quest: The Cursed Abbey
The Cursed Abbey.png
Starting Location
Fögas Forest
Given By
Sister Genta
Kill The Abbot
The Abbot's Ring (Dropped) ♦ Ancient Tolassian Tome (Dropped)

Speak with Sister Genta
3000 XP ♦ 1000 Gold ♦ Potion of Mana x2 ♦ Potion of Giant Strength x2

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The Cursed Abbey is a quest given to you by Sister Genta at Fögas Forest.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 70 - Completable

Wraiths are attacking the village of Fögas. No matter how often they are driven back by the Mist Hunters they always return the following night. It is up to you to find the source of the wraiths and find a solution.

Quest Steps

  1. Get the story of Saint Admus from Sister Genta
  2. Go to Abbey of Saint Admus
  3. Talk to The Abbot and attempt to attack him (combat will not happen)
  4. Access the hidden door on west wall behind 3rd door up leads to stairs down to Hellish Cave (West most #4 on this map)
  5. Talk with the Demonic Lawyer
  6. Take portal back up
  7. Read the book inside The Abbot's room
  8. (Optional) Read the book inside the hidden room south of the teleport drop point
  9. Talk to the statue
  10. Answers:Admus; Mercia; Zudea; Honesty
  11. This unlocks the grates to the north (Unrelated) as well as summons Saint Admus
  12. Speak with Saint Admus to make the Abbot vulnerable
  13. Kill The Abbot
  14. Speak with Sister Genta


Fögas ForestAbbey of Saint AdmusFögas Forest

Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Start by speaking to Sister Genta about the wraith issue Fögas faces. She will reveal that the source of the wraiths is the Abbey of Saint Admus, which has become cursed and is avoided by all. She also reveals the story of its founding which becomes relevant to the quest later. St. Admus was a Mercian Prince, blessed by The Three, who vowed to change the evil way of Mercia. He married Princess Zudea in an attempt to join Mercia and Ilmara. However his brother and the nobles of Mercia deposed and tried to murder him, forcing him to flee to Ilmara. Ultimately he decided not to marry Princess Zudea and not to reclaim his previous position to prevent a long bloody civil war in Mercia. Instead he became a wandering knight helping those in need. Later on in his life he built the Abbey of Saint Admus. Many years later it became cursed but the reason is unknown.
  2. Now work your way into the Abbey of Saint Admus, preferably during the day when the Vengeful Wraiths are no longer present. It is advised to bring death resistance as well as fire resistance items with a potion of speed. Inventory space will not be an issue as most of the items dropped are stackable Corrupted Sabercat Eyes. Work your way into the Abbey and make your way towards the northeast corner where The Abbot is located. The abbey is full of Corrupted Sabercats, Varannari Witches and Hags. The easiest route is, from the entrance, to head through the eastern doors and then north. Once in the largest hall with dead trees keep following the red path northwards, careful to avoid the few spiketraps scattered across the path. Head past the open doorway (guarded by two Fallen Heroes) and enter the eastern door. Inside is The Abbot, a crazed, undead and arrogant monk.
  3. Speak to The Abbot and attempt to attack him. You swing your weapon and find that it passes through him, leaving him untouched. He is invulnerable and seems to find the situation very funny, so he won't attack you. When asked about it, he goes on a arrogant and insane rant about how he fooled the demonic powers. Within his rant is a huge clue, "Third door to the setting sun becomes the Gate to Hell...". As the sun sets to the west, this line can be translated as, "Third door to the west becomes the Gate to Hell".
  4. Leave the room and head west until you reach the western rooms. Head southwards, again taking care to avoid the spiketraps, until you reach the third door along the western wall (from the south). At the back of the small room is a hidden door, which leads to a short corridor containing two more spiketraps, no creatures and a staircase leading downwards into the Hellish Cave.
  5. Enter the Hellish Cave and equip your fire resistance armor if you brought it. Head south, defeating the Fire Drakes and Demons present. Just south of that opening is a lake of lava. You must run eastwards across this lake of lava until you come to a clear room where the Demonic Lawyer is found. A Potion of Speed/the Sprint ability and Potion of Resist Fire/Evasion ability will help greatly. The Demonic Lawyer is peaceful, and quite happy to see visitors and potential customers. Tell him that the Abbot has made a deal with him and regrets it. He pulls up the file on The Abbot and reveals that he was corrupted by Varannari Witches, sacrificed a girl to summon the demons and sold his soul in exchange for power, which he used to kidnap and murder. He also has failed to fulfill his contract, which involved handing over his soul once he died. Your decision on whether or not he deserves to go to hell doesn't matter as he already has sold his soul, guaranteeing him hell. The Lawyer reveals that The Abbot's soul and the souls of his men refuse to come down, leaving them as wraiths. Something has The Abbot's soul bound in this world. There may be a clue as to what upstairs. Enter the teleporter to return upstairs just outside The Abbot's room.
  6. Head into The Abbot's room and read his journal to gain clues as to how he avoided giving up his soul. His journal suggests he wanted to be more respected than Admus and tried to do so by using his demonic pact and invincibility to make people fear him. More importantly it shows how he took an Oath to Saint Admus to remain forever within the Abbey of Saint Admus. This is what stops him from using his invincibility to take over the world, but also stops the Demon's from taking his soul, allowing him to remain here forever. To allow the Demon's to take his soul we need to break or cancel his oath. Since he doesn't seem intent on leaving The Abbey, the only option is to contact Saint Admus and have him cancel the oath.
  7. Optionally, to learn more about Saint Admus, enter the secret room just south of the teleport drop point and read the book, 'Meditations of Saint Admus', to learn more about his morals. The book contains a story about a wise king who asked his court wizard what the most important quality of a knight was. Initially the wizard gave a poetic answer, combining the Three Virtues, but the king wanted a clear answer. The wizard responded with one word: truth. Saint Admus agrees that all the virtues of a knight would be useless without honesty. This information, combined by what Sister Genta told us about Saint Admus will allow us to contact him.
  8. To contact Saint Admus visit his statue in the centre of the dead tree forest. The statue will ask you four questions about Saint Admus. Note that answering any of them incorrectly will release a horde of Corrupted Sabercats upon you. Firstly, 'Do you know my name?'. The statue is in fact Admus, the founder of the Abbey. Secondly, 'What was my homeland?'. Earlier Sister Genta told us that Saint Admus was previously a Mercian Prince, so Mercia. Thirdly, 'Say the name that brings more pain to my heart.'. As Sister Genta said, Zudea was the name of the princess he wanted to marry but couldn't as it would start a bloody civil war in Mercia. Finally, 'What is the greatest virtue in a knight?'. The book we previously read (didn't we?) revealed that he feels 'Honesty' is the most important characteristic in a knight. After answering them all correctly he appears in the form of a spirit before you to speak.
  9. Speak to Saint Admus to fulfill your curiousity about how Marcillus, The Abbot, cursed the abbey by being tempted by the Varannari Witches power. Also ask if he can help you, which opens the grate to the north so that after the quest you can explore that area and loot the items there. For the quest ask him what you may do about The Abbot's oath to Saint Admus that forces him to stay in the Abbey which keeps the Fögas Forest cursed. He will void The Abbot's oath, removing the necessity of him staying in the Abbey and therefore removing his immortality. Now you should go and kill him to send him to hell.
  10. Return to Marcillus, The Abbot and confront him. He will exclaim that something has changed, removing his invulnerability. However it will still be a tough fight as he still has the powers granted by Hell. He attacks with heavy death damage, but also some fire damage. After killing him return to Sister Genta.
  11. Return to Sister Genta, who will thank you for sending the wraiths away with a small reward and lots of XP points. Annoyingly Captain Vlad isn't as grateful, thanking The Three for removing the wraiths rather than your self. Unfortunately returning to the Demonic Lawyer will also give nothing but an alternate greeting about how everything is now in order with The Abbot but it might take him a century to complete the paperwork for the rest of his men.


Quest Rewards

Kill The Abbot


Speak with Sister Genta



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