The Dead God

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Side Quest: The Dead God
The Dead God.png
Starting Location
Kleyou Tomb
Given By
Reading a book
Turn in to Bishop Bareid
Bishop Ring ♦ 3000 XP

Turn in to Tol; He Ascends
10000 XP ♦ 1 skill point.

Keep the crown and leave the quest incomplete
Broken Crown of Tol

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The Dead God is a quest given to you by Reading a book at Kleyou Tomb.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 32 - Completable

An book describes an ancient artifact, the Crown of Tol. Being an adventurer, it is up to you to find it's location and decide what to do with the crown.

Quest Steps

Prerequsite: Reputation of 20 with Ilmara. Reputation of 15 with The Three.

  1. Read book in Kleyou Tomb secret room to receive quest.
  2. Talk to Bishop Bareid in the Nivarian Temple to learn of the location for Tols crown
  3. Talk to Captain Dorse about travel to the Forgotten Temple (150 Gold)
  4. Defeat the High Priest and collect the Crown
  5. (Required to take the Crown to Tol) Find a secret door and pass an Intellect 4 check to interpret the gravestone.
  • NOTE: Attempting to give the Crown to Tol without passing the Intellect 4 check at the gravestone will lead to your unavoidable death.


Kleyou TombThe Hall of WisdomFriguldForgotten TempleBishop Bareid/Tol

Detailed Walkthrough

To start the quest, in Kleyou Tomb, go through the north door, then the east door; there is a secret door in the middle of the east wall, next to a Sarcophagus. Reading the book will give you some information on Tol and start the quest.

The next step is to speak to Bishop Bareid in The Hall of Wisdom. The required reputation of 20 needed with Ilmara can be earned through completing Defending the Outpost; The Moon Children; and The Cursed Abbey quests. This will raise your total by +7, the rest can be gained from town hall quests in Fögas, Rhöneis (City), or Nivarian. (Town Hall quests in Nivarian count for +2 reputation with Ilmara, while in the other towns they only count for +1.) You will also need a reputation of 15 with The Three, which can be gained through the quests given at Shrines of the Three.

Inside the Hall of Wisdom, speak with Bishop Bareid in the room to the West to learn about the location of Tol's Crown. It is located in the Forgotten Temple, which is in Eastern Inori but can only be accessed through Captain Dorse, which will take 1 hour and cost 150 gold. Bring Fire resistance and Death resistance armor, along with a Shock, Cold, or Spirit damage weapon. Ghostbane is a good weapon for Warriors and Clerics.

The entrance to the Forgotten Temple is guarded by a Manticore Whelp. Be sure to save before entering the temple!

The first part of the Temple gives you four free Sarcophagi. The next part is a large room with a shrine in the middle. Interacting with the shrine will spawn about fifty weak undead enemies (skeleton, Skeletal Archer, Skeletal Evoker), some of which will spawn in the rooms with the Sarcophagi. This is a useful amount of easy xp if you're high level, but also very dangerous, as 20+ archers and evokers will attack you at once. After completing the trap, you should go outside the temple and quicksave, or you'll have to go through the skeleton trap again if you die.

A lever to the west will activate a bridge to the next part of the temple. The end of the bridge will have two skeletal archers and a Fallen Hero. The next rooms will have more weak undead enemies, which shouldn't be too hard to kill.

The first room after the bridge has a secret door in the north-west corner. You will have to go through the death smoke to open it, so equip your death resistance armor. The end of the corridor will have a gravestone. Passing an Intellect 2, 3, and 4 check will give you some XP, and you must pass the Intellect 4 check if you want to complete the quest in favor of Tol.

Two rooms farther west, there is another secret door on the north wall. You must again go through some death smoke and face two skeletal evokers on the other side. There is a lever in this room which must be flipped to advance the quest.

Back in the middle room, there is some death fog on the South side. Go through this and the door and kill the Skeletal Champions on the other side. Next, go west and then south again. This room has multiple Fallen Heroes and Skeletal Champions. There are two doors here, one West and one East. The door to the West leads to the High Priest; a named Lich that does death damage and some fire damage. The the High Priest is susceptible to shock, spirit, or cold damage.

Make sure you heal yourself after defeating the High Priest. The High Priest drops the Broken Crown of Tol and picking it up will deal 12 death damage every 3 seconds: with the Crown in your inventory, while wearing it, while your companion wears it, in the Bag of Holding, in your Vault, or in any of your private chests. The only way to avoid the damage is with death resistance or by completing Tol's or Bishop Bareid's Path. Use a Scroll of Recall to get back to Friguld; this is your only way back.

  • Tol's Path: Go South to the Great Inori, and find the face in the sand, near the entrance to Irazur Tomb. Approach the face, which will teleport you into a dungeon. When talking to Tol, you will face unavoidable death unless you passed the Intellect 4 check at the gravestone and tell Tol about what happened. Threatening him or choosing any obviously hostile answers will result in your being smitten. Choosing the top answer--"I don't know"--in the first part of the conversation will also result in your death. Talking to Tol rewards a lot of xp so use xp bonus boosting items beforehand. Talking to Bishop Bareid afterwards will net you an additional 200 XP, because he doesn't believe your story but knows you got rid of the crown.

--Tol awards you 10,000 xp and a Skill Point.

  • Bishop Bareid's Path: In the Northern Inori Desert, use the Wizard's Guild teleportation to get to the Great Plains Enclave, then head to Nivarian, enter the Hall of Wisdom, and give the Crown to Bishop Bareid. Talking with him will reveal that he will die once you give him the crown. However, after he dies, you will still be able to learn Flames of Faith and Battle Prayer from A Priest.

--This path will give you 3,000 XP and the unique Bishop Ring.

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Intellect 3GravestoneForgotten Temple Mandatory for gaining basic information on Tol's followers, thus earning 250 XP. Otherwise you will face certain death should you decide to return the Crown to Tol later on.
Decisive.png Intellect 4GravestoneForgotten Temple Mandatory for gaining additional information on Tol's followers and his current whereabouts, thus earning 800 XP right away and 1,000 XP later on should you decide to return the Crown to Tol. Note: Only available after passing a preceding Intellect 3 check.

Quest Rewards

Turn in to Bishop Bareid



Turn in to Tol; He Ascends


  • 10000 XP
  • 1 skill point.

Keep the crown and leave the quest incomplete


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  • Attempting to hand the Crown to Tol without passing the Intellect 4 check at the gravestone will lead to your unavoidable death that cannot be prevented even by the Ankh of Life.
  • Speaking of that Intellect 4 check, there are only 3 items accessible before the endgame which increase Intellect: The Tiara of the Heavens (from Lady Xidar), the Ring of Unlife dropped occasionally by Lich, and the Crown of Galade.
  • The findings you will see at the libraries located inside Nayau Tomb and Ydaya Tomb are unrelated to this quest and will not update your journal.
  • If you hand the Crown to Tol, afterwards you can speak to Bishop Bareid for additional conversation lines and 200xp.
  • It is possible to survive the 5000 damage attack from Tol using Evasion as a rogue, but this will just cause Tol to speak to you again from the beginning, until you either hand him the crown (if you passed the Intellect 4 check at the gravestone) or you die.
  • The Broken Crown of Tol will be hazardous to your health from the moment you first take possession of it, and that hazard does not end until you complete the quest. Do not take the crown unless you ready to either complete the quest or else deal with the consequences of the crown.