The Lost Kingdom

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Side Quest: The Lost Kingdom
The Lost Kingdom.png
Starting Location
Maze of Lamth (Level 2)
Given By
King M'dmoo
Return the Crown to King M'dmoo:
Choice of: Axe of the Minotaur Kings | Cloak of Might ♦ 5,000 XP
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The Lost Kingdom is a quest given to you by King M'dmoo at Maze of Lamth (Level 2).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 78 - Completable

The Old Kingdom of the Minotaurs is long forgotten, but King M'dmoo wants you to retrieve the crown of his ancestors, so that he may gain back true authority and lead his people into a brighter future. But how can you find a Kingdom lost for centuries?

Quest Steps

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Maze of Lamth (Level 2)Sunken CitadelMaze of Lamth (Level 2)

Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Talk to King M'dmoo in Maze of Lamth (Level 2). He will ask you to find and retrieve the long lost Crown of Galade.
  2. Talk to Captain Dorse in Friguld and ask him to bring you to Dragon Coast (possible after completing quest The Shards of Fate). You must cross the Dragon Coast and Ashen Cape, dealing with Zealots, Ashen Minotaurs, and even radiation, until you finally reach the Sunken Citadel
  3. There you come across a maze that has 9 levers hidden behind 9 secret doors. Each lever is initially in the OFF position. In order to lower the magical barrier, there are certain levers that must be turned into the ON position, and all of the remaining levers must be left in the OFF position. If you get the right combination of levers, the barrier is lowered
  4. Each of the levers is numbered. The upper row, close to the magical barrier, from left to right, is 1, 2, and 3. The row that's right above is 4, 5, and 6. The last row is 7, 8, and 9. Clues scattered around will hint you to push levers 1,3 and 6.
  5. Pass through the lowered magical barrier and then go through the door on the left. There you will face The Underking who will drop the Crown of Galade. Defeating The Underking will also re-open ancient portals that connect the Sunken Citadel to Northern Inori and to the Maze of Lamth (Level 2).
  6. Return the Crown of Galade to King M'dmoo
    1. Note: If you give the Crown of Galade to King M'dmoo you will lose the crown permanently, so consider the keeping the Crown of Galade in favor of the quest rewards (*see below))


Quest Rewards

Return the Crown to King M'dmoo:


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