The Master's Laboratory

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Side Quest: The Master's Laboratory
The Master's Laboratory.png
Starting Location
Tower of Tremadan
Given By
interacting with laboratory doors
Upon completion:
Bag of Holding
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The Master's Laboratory is a quest given to you by interacting with laboratory doors at Tower of Tremadan.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 45 - Completable

We have successfully gained access to the main part of Tremadan's Tower. However his laboratory is also sealed by an equally great power. Could we also open this gate?

Quest Steps

  1. Attempt to access the laboratory from inside of the Tower
  2. Successfully retrieve The Ice Crystal or The Fire Crystal from the basement of the tower
  3. Interact with the table in the laboratory
  4. Decipher the text on the lab table (pass an Intellect 3 check or ask Trix for help)
  5. Gather the specified ingredients
  6. Combine the ingredients at the lab table for the reward and completion


Tower of TremadanTower of Tremadan

Detailed Walkthrough

While inside the Tower of Tremadan you will notice a set of large grey double doors. Trying to open these doors you find them magically sealed. Like the first door to get into the inner chamber, you will need to capture a crystal of power from the labyrinths below the tower. Venture down into the basement of the tower to retrieve whichever one of the crystals has not already been used: Either The Fire Crystal or The Ice Crystal. Once you have it, return to the doors and use the crystal to open the magical seal. Inside the laboratory there is a text on the table that needs to be deciphered. You can either pass an Intellect 3 check or you can go back and ask Trix about it. Trix will offer to decipher it for you if you meet one unexpected condition. He is serious about that condition. Meet that condition and he will decipher the text. The text refers to three items that you need to gather to build an artifact: 3 Tears of the Sea Queen (pearls), 3 of the noblest of gems (Small Diamond), and 3 cloaks of the white wolf (White Wolf Pelt). Try to gather all of these items and return to the table. For diamonds, they can be found in Castle Bluerock or other higher end dungeons. Pearls are best farmed in the Imperial Fortress or on A Small Islet from the Batrax. White Wolf Pelts are found on White Wolves and Ice Wolf in any of the northern zones.

Once the ingredients are gathered, return to the laboratory table and combine the ingredients. You will be rewarded with XP and a Bag of Holding.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 3Laboratory tableTower of Tremadan Mandatory to decipher the recipe for the Bag of Holding when examining Tremadans table for the first time (you only get one chance to pass the check). Otherwise you have to pay Trix 3,000 Gold to obtain the information.

Quest Rewards

For completing The Master's Laboratory:


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