The Poisoned River

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Side Quest: The Poisoned River
The Poisoned River.png
Starting Location
New Anthur (City)
Given By
Captain Demetrius
Stop river poisoning:
Choice of: Maul of Garrak | Ironfoot Boots ♦ 2600 XP
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The Poisoned River is a quest given to you by Captain Demetrius at New Anthur (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 61 - Completable

Description needed...

Quest Steps

  1. (You require 60 reputation with Varsilia to unlock this quest.)
  2. Get quest from Captain Demetrius
  3. Find an ancient tower. This seems to be the origin of the poisoning. North in Wyverntail valley. (entrance to this part of the map is East side of North Sagar Forest through a small opening in the trees.
  4. Dungeon: Wyverntail Complex. Poison Cloud where you have to walk through. The first doors to the left and right are blocked. The next rooms to the left and right you can enter. To the left has an Iron Golem. Book 'Magical runes for dummies' in the room. Each of the Magical Barriers in the complex require a specific magical energie to be released.
  5. Push Lever in River Room
  6. Return to the captain


New Anthur (City)Wyverntail ComplexCaptain Demetrius

Detailed Walkthrough


Teleportation room: 2 Rune Ult.png, 1 Rune Ni.png and 1 Rune Bo.png rune. (Middle top and middle bottom handle)

Security room: 1 Rune Thar.png and 1 Rune Ni.png rune. There are 8 handles in this room. (left bottom rune) In the security is a handle. Prepare to fight a Iron Golem.

Next page is torn. Get a blank page from South East room. Go back to the book.

Storage room: 1 Rune Ni.png, 1 Rune Thar.png and 2 Rune Bo.png runes. (top left and right handle) - Storage room: Magma Axe, Greater ring of endurance,Energy Cell 3x, Potion of Mana, Wand of Storms, Toga of the Theurgist

River room: 2 Rune Ult.png, 2 Rune Thar.png and 2 Rune Ni.png runes. (top middle, bottom left and right)

As soon as you push it, the toxic fumes stop pouring down into the waters! Probably in a few weeks all traces of poisoning will go away.

Report back to Captain Demetrius in New Anthur (City).


Quest Rewards

Stop river poisoning:



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