The Price of Freedom

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Side Quest: The Price of Freedom
The Price of Freedom.png
Starting Location
Jabal (City)
Given By
Praetor Silena
Convince the Varannari Hunters that Mercia is too powerful:
500 XP

Kill the Varannari Hunters:
350 XP ♦ Choice of: Shield of the Forge | Cloak of Survival

Help the Varannari Hunters free the slaves:
600 XP ♦ Bluesteel Longsword

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The Price of Freedom is a quest given to you by Praetor Silena at Jabal (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 21 - Completable (can be missed)

Praetor Silena is concerned about a group of young Varannari outside. She would like you to destroy them to protect the town, but perhaps there is a better way.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Praetor Silena.
  2. Head southeast of town to the group of Varannari.
  3. Chose how to handle the situation.
    1. Scare the Varannari away.
    2. Attack the Varannari.
    3. Aid the Varannari.


Jabal (City)Praetor Silena

Detailed Walkthrough

In Mercia, they still practice slavery, typically enslaving criminals and the wild Varannari. As you walk through Jabal, you will see a pen filled with people. Praetor Silena is the head of the city guard, and currently oversees the prisoners. There have been reports of savages outside the town, and she fears it might be in preparation for an attack. She would have you destroy them in exchange for a magical item.

Leave town by the south exit and work your way through the canyon. There will be a few spiders to deal with, and as you head north you will see a band of Varannari. Speak with their leader, Fast-Foot. Time for your first decision. Attack or negotiate. If you attack, kill the Varannari and return to Silena for your reward. If instead you try to talk to them about the situation, you learn they are not here to kill anyone, merely free their captive friends and families, including Fast-Foot's sister.

Decision time again. You may now try to convince Fast-Foot's sister will be fine unless he tries something foolish, and Mercia is simply too powerful. This will cause the hunters to leave peacefully, but you'll receive gold instead of the magic item. Continue asking about their plan if you would like to take their side instead. Agree to help with the plan and head back to town.

Final choice time. If you inform Praetor Silena of the plan, she will send two soldiers with you to help eliminate the threat. This will force you to kill the Varannari. You can also stick to the plan, and lie to Silena so she leaves the pen under your watch. With her gone, the hunters rescue their clan members. Return to Fast-Foot and he will give you all he can spare in thanks, a Bluesteel longsword. Reputation will be lost or gained with whichever side you finally help.


Quest Rewards

Convince the Varannari Hunters that Mercia is too powerful:


  • 500 XP


  • Jabal +3
  • Mercia +3

Kill the Varannari Hunters:



  • Jabal +4
  • Mercia +5
  • Varannari -3 (-5 if aided by Legionnaires)

Help the Varannari Hunters free the slaves:



  • Varannari +9
  • Jabal -10
  • Mercia -10

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  • Commenting that Mercians are crazy to Praetor Silena will result in a -2 reputation in Jabal. When speaking about the caged people, further pushing against the practice of slavery, will result in severe reputation hit in Jabal (-12) and Mercia (-5), but gain +5 reputation with the Varannari. This will make it impossible to complete the quest.
  • Addressing her in the proper Mercian way, raising your fist, you will gain +1 reputation in Jabal. When speaking about the caged people, if you agree they are beasts, you will gain an addition +1 Jabal reputation.