The Princess of the Sea

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
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Side Quest: The Princess of the Sea
The Princess of the Sea.png
Starting Location
Steel Coast
Given By
Princess Elleira
Return pendant to Princess Elleira:
800 XP

Return pendant and engage in some froggy afternoon delight:
1000 XP (800 for pendant, 200 for your impressive stamina)

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The Princess of the Sea is a quest given to you by Princess Elleira at Steel Coast.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 62 - Completable

A mysterious princess is in desperate need for your help to retrieve her stolen pendant, without which she is simply not herself. So start out on an adventurous journey with as much romantic love as you will ever get in the Exiled Kingdoms.

Quest Steps

  1. (Optional) Talk to Hermia about your future.
  2. Find and speak to Princess Elleira.
  3. Go north into the Imperial Fortress.
  4. Find and kill Kakrak to retrieve the stolen pendant.
  5. Return to Princess Elleira.


Steel CoastImperial FortressPrincess Elleira

Detailed Walkthrough

When speaking with Hermia in New Anthur, she will prophesy that you meet a princess in need somewhere by the coast. Being somewhat puzzled about such concrete fortune telling, start your search at the Steel Coast. You find Princess Elleira in the south-eastern corner by the water. Talk to her to find out about how her pendant was stolen by Kakrak, an evil sorcerer. You graciously agree to get it back for her.

To do so, you have the enter the Imperial Fortress situated just to the north of Elleiras current position. Once inside, go to the east from the first room. Follow the path around to the north and cross the bridge, defeating any Batrax you find. Across the bridge, you enter a room with more Batrax. Take the east door into the next room and then the north door out of that room. This will put you into a corridor. There is a switch right next to the drawbridge to extend it. Cross the bridge, defeat Kakrak and retrieve the pendant.

Return to the princess and give her the amulet back for 800 XP. If you choose the flirty dialogue option during your first encounter, you can pass a Personality 2 check, leading to hours of passion. If Adaon is with you, he will try to join in. No matter what you choose here, Princess Elleira turns into a Batrax and lets you know that Kakrak was actually her uncle. She jumps into the sea and invites you to visit her one day. Gross...

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Personality 2Princess ElleiraSteel Coast Male characters only: Needed for achieving the most intimate outcome, yielding additional 200 XP and some disturbing feelings. Note: Only available after flirting with Princess Elleira during your first encounter.

Quest Rewards

Return pendant to Princess Elleira:


  • 800 XP

Return pendant and engage in some froggy afternoon delight:


  • 1000 XP (800 for pendant, 200 for your impressive stamina)

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  • Kakrak will only spawn if the quest is active. So there is no chance of getting the pendant before speaking to Princess Elleira.