The Prodigal Daughter

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StoryCompanionGuildSideTown Hall
Side Quest: The Prodigal Daughter
The Prodigal Daughter.png
Starting Location
Deepburrow Cave
Given By
The Undermother
Kill The Undermother
The Undermother's HideBlack ShardRumor Boss loot ♦ 5000 XP

Kill Flame Prophet
Flame PendantBlack ShardRumor Boss loot ♦ 10,000 XP (5000 for killing the Flame Prophet, 5000 for the information The Undermother gives you)

Kill both
Black Shard x2 ♦ The Undermother's HideFlame Pendant ♦ ? XP

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The Prodigal Daughter is a quest given to you by The Undermother at Deepburrow Cave.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 46 - Completable

This is a quest that has multiple outcomes possible, with different rewards and different consequences. Both the Flame Prophet and the Undermother have substance to them, and thus one can feel a bit of remorse about getting into battle with either one of them. The game seems to like to put your character into difficult situations like this.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with The Undermother in Deepburrow Cave
  2. Head to Lambar Cave to speak with Flame Prophet
  3. Kill her or ask the Flame Prophet to assist you with defeating The Undermother
    1. If you spare her life, She will have you collect 3 Vorator Eggs as ingredients for a charm to weaken The Undermother
    2. You can pass an Intellect 3 check to get her to help in the fight against The Undermother.
  4. Return to Deepburrow Cave to inform of the Flame Prophets defeat or kill The Undermother.


Deepburrow CaveLambar CaveDeepburrow CaveDeepburrow Cave

Detailed Walkthrough

After getting The Shards of Fate quest at the Tower of Tremadan, go to Deepburrow Cave and speak to The Undermother. She will tell you about a daughter of hers named Zuz'sare swallowed a Black Shard, gained sentience and ran off. She wants you to find and kill this daughter. Throughout Ilmara there are different places you can hear rumors about a flaming creature that set a forest on fire and ran off into Lambar Cave in the mountains of Iross Highlands.

Once you get to the cave, you will find the Flame Prophet(As an aside, if you have Hirge as a companion and you completed The Princess of the Sea in a "certain" way, she will give you rap about not trying to sleep with this flame dweller. The same goes for Grissenda; she will tell you that at least the Prophet warned you of her true identity and your reply would be a reference to the aforementioned quest.) It turns out this is Zuz'sare, and she has taken a human form to stop scaring the locals and just wants to live in peace. She also reveals that The Undermother also has a Black Shard inside her, which is why she is the way she is as well. You have 2 options here, kill her or enlist her help to kill The Undermother.

Kill the Flame Prophet

She hits hard with fire, so be careful with that. The Vorator Hide Mantle which can be found off another beast in the cave has good Fire resist if you need it. Once you kill her and loot her corpse, return to The Undermother in Deepburrow Cave. There you will get 5000 xp for killing the daughter. You can either try to kill The Undermother here(which is almost impossible since she has not been weakened), or talk to her. Talking to her will reveal she doesn't know where to find Amarisa, but she will tell you that the blood of an archmage isn't special and that you have been mislead about it's importance. She foreshadows that the knowledge will be useful in the future when you need to make an important choice. She then sinks underground to hide in case you fail in your quest. Such confidence...

Enlist the help of the Flame Prophet

If you agree to let her live, Zuz'sare will offer to prepare a charm for you to weaken The Undermother and negate many of her powers. You can pass an Intellect 3 check her to also convince her to help you in the actual fight. The charm requires 3 Vorator Eggs, which of course you need to gather. Once you have those, return to the Flame Prophet and she will make the charm for you. Return to Deepburrow Cave and confront The Undermother and activate the charm. If you convinced the Flame Prophet to help in the fight, she will teleport in at this time and the fight is on. Kill The Undermother and loot the corpse. The Flame Prophet will get all excited here and declare herself the new queen, and disappear.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 3Flame ProphetLambar Cave Required for persuading Zuz'sare to assist you in the battle against The Undermother.

Quest Rewards

Kill The Undermother


Kill Flame Prophet


Kill both


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It is possible to kill both The Undermother and the Flame Prophet, but it is HIGHLY difficult to kill the The Undermother without the charm from the Flame Prophet.