The Restless Dead

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Guild Quest: The Restless Dead
The Restless Dead.png
Starting Location
Freetown (City)
Given By
Sergeant Toel
Sir Morfados at peace:
Sergeant Toel can teach you Battle Rage and Bloodlust ♦ 2000 Gold ♦ 1200 XP (300 XP for placing the remains, 900 XP from Sergeant Toel)
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The Restless Dead is a quest given to you by Sergeant Toel at Freetown (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 66 - Completable

A ghostly knight is terrorizing the people in the South Jabal Hills. You need to get rid of it.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must have access to the Warrior's Guild.)
  2. Speak with Sergeant Toel.
  3. Head east to the South Jabal Hills.
  4. Find the ghost of Sir Morfados and defeat it.
  5. Return to the guild and talk to Sergeant Toel to learn more about Sir Morfados.
  6. Go to Mausoleum, locate Sir Morfados' Remains and find a better resting place for them.
  7. Return to Sergeant Toel.


Freetown (City)South Jabal HillsSergeant ToelMausoleumSergeant Toel

Detailed Walkthrough

Sergeant Toel of the Warrior's Guild in Freetown has a mission for you before he will train you (unless you are already a member). There have been nocturnal sightings of a ghostly knight in the South Jabal Hills. The guild has been hired to get rid of it, but nobody has been able to.

Leave town heading east along the road. You want to head east out of the Iron Valley and into the South Jabal Hills after dark. You want to head down the east-west mountain corridor above the southernmost Varannari camp. In the middle of the corridor you will find the ghost of Sir Morfados. Defeat him and he will tell you he is not a traitor and is not happy about where he was laid to rest. Return to Sergeant Toel and find out that Sir Morfados was a part of an ancient battle in the Deadwood.

Head out again, this time clear to the Deadwood. You are heading to the middle of the maze to the entrance to Mausoleum. You will find the Sir Morfados' Remains in the southwest part of the Pit of Traitors. Head north quickly, since the skeletons regenerate quickly in the pit, and find the resting place of the honored dead. This requires flipping a switch to open the gate. In one of the western rooms on the west wall, you will find a clickable headstone with an open space. Place the remains here, and then head back to Sergeant Toel.


Quest Rewards

Sir Morfados at peace:



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