The Sacred Weapons

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Side Quest: The Sacred Weapons
The Sacred Weapons.png
Starting Location
Given By
Red Moon
Give the Spirit Breaker:
4000 XP ♦ Hunter's Leggings (However, you lose the sacred weapon you found: Spirit Breaker).

Give the Spirit Cleaver:
4000 XP ♦ Hunter's Leggings (However, you lose the sacred weapon you found: Spirit Cleaver).

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The Sacred Weapons is a quest given to you by Red Moon at Lamis.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 87 - Completable

Description needed...

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Red Moon, the Varannari lady in Lamis.
  2. Agree to find the sacred weapons.
  3. Report to Red Moon and choose which of the two sacred weapons you'll return to her. (Note: You can only return one sacred weapon, either the Spirit Breaker or Spirit Cleaver).


LamisSanctuary PeakForbidden PitLamis

Detailed Walkthrough

1. Go to Lamis and talk to Red Moon. Ask her about some details of the sacred weapons.

2. Start the search for the sacred weapons. There are two destinations to get the sacred weapons:

2.1 Travel to the Sanctuary Peak, go northwest along the river till you come to a hidden passage in the trees. Through the passage you'll find some Hill Giants with their chief. Kill Chief Baabu and get Spirit Cleaver.

2.2 Take the quest The Ancient Seal and bring Hirge. Go to Sanctuary of Irossia and talk to Mantros about the situation, after that, head to Forbidden Pit and speak with Brother Tarlus about the seal, he will then ask you to follow. Suppress Brother Tarlus and get the Spirit Breaker.

3 After getting the weapons, you can choose either to give Red Moon the Spirit Breaker or the Spirit Cleaver.

Quest Rewards

Give the Spirit Breaker:



Give the Spirit Cleaver:



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In terms of deciding which weapon to hand in:

  • Spirit Breaker is outclassed by Sonnet which is also a Light Spirit weapon; it does a shade more damage overall (but not against Undead/Outsiders) and it gives a nice armor bonus. However Clerics are unable to use Sonnet.
  • Spirit Cleaver is the best 2-Handed Spirit weapon in the game, the only other being the significantly weaker Vindicator
  • The only enemies particularly vulnerable to Spirit damage are Shadows. On the other hand only Dimensional Parasites have strong Spirit resistance so Spirit weapons are an excellent all-purpose choice.

Of course you don't have to hand either weapon in.