The Seed of Trust

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The seed of trust is a quest given to you by Rodney in the town of Lannegar.

Quest Overview

Rodney is a seed trader requiring an escort to a blossoming settlement located nearby in the Northern Bluemist River. He is willing to pay 250 gold to an experienced traveler up to the task.

Quest Steps

  1. (Must be level 2 to receive quest)
  2. Agree to escort Rodney to the settlement in Northern Bluemist River
  3. Keep Rodney alive as you fight west through goblins
  4. Reach settlement to get reward

Detailed Walkthrough

You can locate Rodney south of the Town Hall, near the altar of The Three. He will not believe you are capable of helping him unless you are at least level 2. Once you have the quest, Rodney will become a temporary companion. He will fight along side you, take damange, and is capable of dying. If he dies, you fail the quest and get no reward.

With Rodney in tow, head along the trail leading to Lannegar Mine. Continue past the mine and into the Northern Bluemist River. Goblins are the main threat here, with warriors and spear throwers in the mix. Staying on the trail, you will come perilously close to a goblin encampment that can overwhelm Rodney. For a safer route, head south early on, and work you way west along the sparse tree line.

When Rodney is safe within the settlement, he will attempt to renegotiate his reward based on the status of the settlement. You can pass a level 1 Awareness check to receive the full amount, or negotiate other terms. You can accept his second offer of 100 gold, talk him into 120 or 150, or threaten his life and get the full amount. If you take the lowest price, you gain twice as much good reputation.

Quest Rewards

Threatening or passing level 1 Awareness check

Negotiate deal

Accept lower payment

Attacking him

  • Steel Shortsword and 150+ gold
  • Varied XP
  • Varsilia reputation -2
  • Lannegar reputation -3

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  • It is possible to clear a path to the settlement prior to accepting the quest. You can then escort Rodney with little fear of attack. Resting/gossiping will cause monsters to respawn.