The Sewer of Horrors

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Side Quest: The Sewer of Horrors
The Sewer of Horrors.png
Starting Location
Icemist (City)
Given By
Folcarad Whitestorm
Killing Saradan the Fire Lord:
2,550 XP

Escaping with Breno:
20,000 XP

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The Sewer of Horrors is a quest given to you by Folcarad Whitestorm at Icemist (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 85 - Completable

Folcarad Whitestorm's son Breno was sent into the sewers with a patrol of Arcane Knights and never returned. Since then, the entrance is to remain sealed so that nothing can leave.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Folcarad Whitestorm
  2. Enter Sewer of Horrors
  3. Activate 2 levers to unlock bridges
  4. Activate 5 levers to unlock a teleporter
    • 2 levers in devourer's area (there's one in a secret room)
    • 3 levers in poisonous room
  5. Teleport to Icemist Underlevels
  6. Find Breno and talk to him
  7. Gather 3 Magical Ruby by finding 2 in chests and looting 1 from the White King
  8. Interact with the statue and activate the bridge
  9. (Optional) Defeat Saradan the Fire Lord:
  10. Teleport to Elemental Plane of Fire
  11. Teleport to Deepfrost Glacier


Icemist (City)Sewer of HorrorsIcemist UnderlevelsElemental Plane of FireDeepfrost Glacier

Detailed Walkthrough

The three dungeons involved in this quest--Sewer of Horrors, Icemist Underlevels, and Elemental Plane of Fire--have a large number of fire, ice, poison, and undead enemies. Devourers and Lich can paralyze you as well. Prepare yourself against all of these elements. Two greater rings for each element plus Greater Potion of Resist Cold and Greater Potion of Resist Fire from Trader Gilron is a good start. Bring your Thick Skin reward too.

Weapons to Consider Bringing: there are a variety of enemies throughout this quest with a variety of resistances, so it will be helpful to have a few different weapons handy.

Support Items to Consider Bringing:

Navigating the Sewer of Horrors: There are several bridges that need to be activated by levers and a barrier that needs to be deactivated by several levers. Going through this area in the correct order will save you a lot of needless fighting. Note that respawned enemies provide almost no experience so the only thing you get from revisiting areas needlessly is extra damage.

1. Once you descend the stairs to Sewer of Horrors, go South. You will need to pass a number of high-level spike traps and defeat Mutant Rats, which are constantly respawning. Skip a door to the West, and go as far South as possible. Next, Giant Skeletons and death smoke will block your way East. Demilich will also paralyze you. At the end of the hall, flip the lever you see. You can optionally defeat Merzadan the Undying, or you can run away and hope he doesn't follow.
2. Go back West and go through the door. Go East and cross the bridge, which was just unlocked from Merzadan's lever. Follow the path through more rats and use the lever at the end. Then go back to the first door you passed.
3 You have two options here:
3.1 This door leads to a secret room with two runes. The rune to the right will teleport you a few meters away. The rune to the left will send you directly to Carrion Lord. Defeat him, then go West and defeat two more devourers. The next room to the West, with a number of bodies and bones, has an exit to the South. Go through this and flick a lever.
3.2 You may also follow the path to the North and defeat a couple more rats and some Mutant Devourers. Go East to find the room with the bones and flick the lever. Continue East and defeat the two devourers and Carrion Lord.
4. The room with the Carrion Lord contains a secret door with a lever. Use it.
5. Finally, to the South you will find a maze with an poison cloud and very many Animated Wastes. Equip as much poison resistance as possible--preferably 100+-- and a potion of speed. The Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast corners of the maze have levers. Flick all of them to take down the grate in the middle of the room. Step on the rune to be teleported to a safe area with a staircase to Icemist Underlevels.
Congratulations, you completed the easy part!

Navigating the Icemist Underlevels: At any point, you can go back to Sewer of Horrors to revive your companions. You can also sleep to revive them, but this will reset the area and make you fight enemies again. Sleeping will save your progress and refresh you completely, so doing this after completing some of the steps isn't a bad idea.

6. Descend to Icemist Underlevels. The first room will contain four Ice Elementals and two Insane Wizard (Blue). Kill them, then go through a door to the North. Defeat another elemental, then locate a secret door to the North. There are multiple spike traps in this hallway, so use a Scroll of Detection and keep your health up. Find Breno, who will tell you that you need to defeat Saradan the Fire Lord. Add Breno to your team--there's no reason not to, since he cannot die. You can also sleep for 12 hours, which will reset the area. This will overwrite your Inn save, so if you die, you will have to come back here or to another save slot.
Note: The Wizards can stun you.
7 Next, you must collect three Magical Rubies.
7.1 The first is through a door directly East of Breno's secret entrance.
7.2. The Second ruby is located near The White King. Go West of Breno's hideout, then go through the door to the West. The ruby is located in a chest past two Insane Wizard (Blue) and The White King, so you can sprint past them, collect the ruby, and run away. However, The White King is easier than the Carrion Lord and Merzadan, and you have Breno, so you might as well kill him.
7.3 Finally, from Breno's hideout, go South, then West, then North to find the last ruby.
8. Go back to the central room, then go South. You will have to beat a handful of Ancient Guardians one at a time. Go slowly or you will have to face multiple. Follow the hall West, where you will find a statue. Interact with it and use the three rubies to unlock the bridge to Saradan.
9. Cross the bridge and defeat three Fire Elementals and two Insane Wizard (Red). Go through the door, then turn East and defeat a Red Dragon and a Demon.
10. Go through the door down the Eastern hallway. Three Demons and a Fire Elemental guard Saradan. Fire Elementals will spawn slowly, so you may want to lure Saradan out of the room and fight him somewhere else. Kill him for +5 reputation with Thuram.

Navigating the Elemental Plane of Fire: Fighting your way through here is not really an option. Grab the items from the three chests as quickly as possible. Enemies will not follow you into the Cathedral (though fresh enemies await inside) so whatever mob is behind you when you get to that point will disappear. If you are going to fight The Lord of the Pit, it is helpful to get his attention and then lead lead him towards the teleporter, as this will allow you to fight him in a narrow passageway and limit the number of other enemies tat you have to deal with during the battle.

11. Enter the lava pool to get to Elemental Plane of Fire. This is the hard part. Equip ALL of the fire resistance you can--there's no such thing as too much. Go directly south until you see a river of fire. Cross it, then continue east until you see two rivers of fire. Follow the Westernmost stream until you see an opening in the trees; then follow the path past the Greater Demon and enter Basalt Castle. Find your way to the blue portal, which will send you to Deepfrost Glacier, completing the quest and granting +12 reputation with Thuram.
Note: Ignore all enemies here, especially on the river. The river of fire deals massive fire damage--hundreds per second--and getting trapped will get you killed. Also, Scroll: Summon Fire Elemental is very useful, as it is invincible. It will (hopefully) distract most of the nearby enemies.
Optional: Kill Greater Demon and Lord of the Pit for rumor boss loot, plus a Tome of Lost Wisdom from Lord of the Pit. This will be very hard to do, as elementals and demons will swarm you and both bosses will continuously heal. However, it will be even harder your second time through, as you will not have Breno to take or deal damage.


Quest Rewards

Killing Saradan the Fire Lord:


  • 2,550 XP


Escaping with Breno:


  • 20,000 XP


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  • Unlike other NPCs Breno doesn't die permanently and is only knocked out, like a companion. This makes it a good idea to take him with you immediately.