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|Outcome1=Kill [[Zilda]]:
|Outcome1=Kill [[Zilda]]:
|Reputation1=[[Friguld Governor]] +20
|Reputation1=[[Friguld Governor]] +20
|Reward1=1,000 XP; 3,000 [[Gold]]; [[Lightning Falchion of Defense]] (dropped by [[Zilda]])
|Reward1=1,000 XP; Choice of: 3,000 [[Gold]] OR 1,500 [[Gold]] and [[Black Shard]]; [[Lightning Falchion of Defense]] (dropped by [[Zilda]])
|Outcome2=Rob the [[Golden Cove Bank]]:
|Outcome2=Rob the [[Golden Cove Bank]]:
|Reputation2=[[Varsilia]] -5/-15; [[Mercia]] -5/-15; [[Friguld Governor]] -100
|Reputation2=[[Varsilia]] -5/-15; [[Mercia]] -5/-15; [[Friguld Governor]] -100

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
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Side Quest: The Snake Gang
The Snake Gang.png
Starting Location
Given By
Captain or Chancellor Malard or Cadul
Kill Zilda:
1,000 XP ♦ Choice of: 3,000 Gold OR 1,500 Gold and Black ShardLightning Falchion of Defense (dropped by Zilda)

Rob the Golden Cove Bank:
Notably: Ruby Key with number 1, Black Shard, Ancient Tolassian Tome ♦ Whatever you can fit in your inventory from: Nivarian Cloak, Gloves of Luck, Ring of Isolation, Executioner's Axe, Poisonous Bow, Gold Ingot x8, Emerald x4, Small Diamond x4, Potion of Greater Healing x6, Potion of Mana x2, Scroll of Greater Wisdom, Scroll of Wisdom, Scroll of Detection, Scroll of Recall ♦ The ability to kill Chancellor Malard, obtaining the Scimitar of Flames and 375 Gold

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The Snake Gang is a quest given to you by Captain or Chancellor Malard or Cadul at Friguld.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 74 - Completable

The notorious leader of the Snake Gang known as Serpent has committed the impossible crime of breaking into the governor's home and stealing his wife's jewels. It is your job to locate the bandit, and your decision how to deal with him.

Quest Steps

  1. Obtain the quest by speaking to the Captain, Cadul or Chancellor Malard in Friguld.
  2. (Optional) Learn about the Black Shard in the Golden Cove Bank from Cadul or tavern rumors.
  3. Learn about Zilda from Cadul (requires 3 Friguld Rum) or Chancellor Malard (requires 3 Intellect).
  4. Meet Zilda at night by the docks in Friguld and speak to her about the Snake Gang:
    1. (Hostile option) Interrogate her forcefully or reveal your profit-driven motives to learn about the (poison-trapped) entry to the hide-out.
    2. (Friendly option) Convince her that your motives are honorable and learn about how to enter the hide-out savely.
  5. (Hostile path) Get Scorpion Venom, e.g. from Alchemist Vera.
  6. Enter Kurgua Cave in Emerald Valley, find the magic door, and open it using Zilda's instructions.
  7. (Hostile path) Escape the poison trap and kill Zilda. Alternatively, revert to friendly path via dialogue choices (requires 3 Personality).
  8. (Friendly path) Convince Zilda to rob the bank with you. Alternatively, revert to hostile path and kill her.
  9. (Hostile path) Collect your reward from Chancellor Malard.
  10. (Friendly path) Meet Zilda in the Golden Cove Bank and perform the robbery with her assistance.


FriguldKurgua CaveGovernor's Manor or Golden Cove BankChancellor Malard or Zilda

Detailed Walkthrough

The quest can be obtained from various NPCs in the area (the gate captain usually, but if for some reason you skip, you can initiate it from cadul or the chancellor). This has no requirements. The next step is knowing about Zilda. That can only be achieved with chancellor (INT) or Cadul (rum).

  1. Speak with Zilda by docks in Friguld to learn of Hide out:
    1. Hostile: She Will Tell you to bring Scorpion Venom (Can purchase from Alchemist Vera) if you are forceful, or if you offer her 250 gold and promise to have a party with her thanks to the Snake reward. This path activates the gas trap.
    2. Friendly: Tell her you want to save the world (requires Personality 4 to be believed) or offering her 250 gold, but then making it clear you only want to talk to the snake and won't cash the reward. She tells you to use water instead of poison, which disables the gas trap.# Go to the Hideout: Head into Emerald Valley and fight through the snakes eastwards until a path opens north-east. Head north-east at this intersection and continue until you meet a dead end. There is a hidden passage through the rocks directly west leading to the Kurgua Cave.
  2. Enter the cave and fight your way west, then north, until you meet a red gate. Use your Scorpion Venom (#2 Hostile) or water (#2 Friendly; don't need to bring anything​) and the passcode to gain entry.
  3. Once inside, you'll speak to Zilda again.
    1. Hostile: Hostile meeting with the gang can still be reverted to friendly but it requires the right answer ("What did you expect me to say? I was just trying to get the information from you") which is only available with PER 3. Otherwise ends in combat (and with gas trap activated).
      1. Tell her you want to kill her.
      2. Break through the door of the prison by passing an Awareness 4 check, or by slamming into it 3 times, taking 45 damage (-armor) each time. Kill the outlaws.
      3. Head through the north door and fight your way past the horde of outlaws. In the north door is the bedroom of Zilda, The Serpent. Kill her.
      4. Head back to Chancellor Malard and collect your reward.
    2. Friendly: Friendly meeting can go smoothly without checks answering the right options (being sincere is best). Having INT 3 or PER 4 makes right choices more obvious during the dialogue. Wrong choices lead to combat, but without gas activating.
      1. Tell her you need to recover a mighty artifact in the bank that poses a threat to the world, or pass an Intellect 3 check and tell her you want to help her fight the tyrants of Friguld.
      2. She will tell you to meet her in the Golden Cove Bank when you are ready.
      3. Speak to her and she will ask you to announce to the Clerk you are robbing the bank while she handles the Iron Golem. Speak to the Clerk and tell him to put his hands up. While you question him about the location of the safe the front exit will shut, blocking any potential escape. At this stage you will lose 5 Varsilia and Mercia reputation.
      4. Speak to the Clerk again and ask him how to cross the barrier behind him, leading deeper into the bank. He will exclaim that he cannot, but it is obvious he is lying. Pass a Personality 3 check or an Intellect 2 check to have him open the gate. Alternatively pass a Personality 1 check and bribe him with 150 Gold. If you cannot meet these requirements you can choose to attack him and use the Magical Sapphire he drops to open the gate. This will incur a further 10 reputation loss in Varsilia and Mercia.
      5. Make your way into the Golden Cove Bank. Zilda will follow you, acting as an additional companion that can freely respawn after being incapacitated. Inside there are many unique treasures so it is recommended to take a slightly longer route to access those chests.
      6. Head North and clear the large group of Guards. Enter the corridor to the north and head east until you meet a door. On the other side is the Director of the bank, fittingly a powerful demon. Fight him and (Optional) pick up the Handwritten Note.
      7. (Recommended) In the northeast corner of the room is a hidden door that contains a lever to allow access to a set of chests. Pull the lever, re-enter the corridor and this time head down the southern path. Defeat the two Iron Golems and enjoy access to the Ruby Key with number 1 and other rare items.
      8. Now you must figure out the secret code for the safe. Throughout the dungeon there are 3 Handwritten Notes, one of which is dropped by the Director, which give you clues to the password. If you'd rather not explore that part of the quest head north of the corridor and enter the code Red Blue Green Blue Yellow.
      9. You are now inside the safe! Take all the items you wish to. Here Zilda will take her leave, having gotten the documents she needed to help bring down the Friguld Governor.

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Awareness 4DoorKurgua Cave When hostile to Zilda: Required to open the door of the cage trap without taking damage. Alternative: Strength 5.
Decisive.png Intellect 2ClerkGolden Cove Bank Mandatory for gaining access to the bank without having to kill the Clerk, thus avoiding a -10 reputation loss with Varsilia and Mercia. Alternative: Personality 3 or Personality 1 + 300 Gold.
Intellect 3ZildaKurgua Cave When on friendly terms with Zilda: Required to convince her that your motives for robbing the bank are honorable. Otherwise a fight is unavoidable and you won't be able to rob the bank. Alternative: Personality 4 or knowing rumors about a Black Shard in the Golden Cove Bank.
Intellect 3Chancellor MalardGovernor's Manor Required to learn about Zilda's connection to the Snake gang, thus being able to confront her. Alternative: Bribing Cadul with 3 bottles of Friguld Rum.
Decisive.png Personality 1ClerkGolden Cove Bank Mandatory for bribing the Clerk (300 Gold) and gaining access to the bank without having to kill him, thus avoiding a -10 reputation loss with Varsilia and Mercia. Free alternative: Intellect 2 or Personality 3.
Personality 3ZildaKurgua Cave Needed to become friends with Zilda if you made the wrong choices during your first encounter. Otherwise a fight is unavoidable and you won't be able to rob the bank.
Decisive.png Personality 3ClerkGolden Cove Bank Mandatory for gaining access to the bank without having to kill the Clerk, thus avoiding a -10 reputation loss with Varsilia and Mercia. Alternative: Intellect 2 or Personality 1 + 300 Gold.
Personality 3CaptainFriguld (City) Necessary for peacefully entering Friguld (City) for free and not being bothered by the Captain anymore. Otherwise you have to pay 100 Gold or a bottle of Friguld Rum each time you pass the city gate. Alternative: Having a positive repution with the Friguld Governor, killing the Captain, or never possessing enough gold in the first place.
Personality 3Chancellor MalardGovernor's Manor When having negative reputation with the Friguld Governor: Required to whitewash your reputation for only 500 Gold (1,000 Gold needed otherwise), thus regaining all options for The Snake Gang quest.
Personality 4ZildaFriguld (City) Needed to become friends with Zilda without having to bribe her. This option is only available when knowing rumors about a Black Shard in the Golden Cove Bank. Alternative: Paying 250 Gold.
Personality 4ZildaKurgua Cave When on friendly terms with Zilda: Required to convince her that your motives for robbing the bank are honorable. Otherwise a fight is unavoidable and you won't be able to rob the bank. Alternative: Intellect 3 or knowing rumors about a Black Shard in the Golden Cove Bank.
Strength 5DoorKurgua Cave When hostile to Zilda: Required to break the door of the cage trap in the first attempt. Three attempts are needed otherwise. Alternative: Awareness 4.

Quest Rewards

Kill Zilda:



Rob the Golden Cove Bank:



Related Quests

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  • Killing Zilda removes the option to fight Chancellor Malard and obtain the Scimitar of Flames, or to rob the Golden Cove Bank.
  • Killing Chancellor Malard and then Zilda will make the quest impossible to complete.
  • Getting this quest from the Captain will require you to pay "tax" worth 100 gold.
  • After robbing the Golden Cove Bank, speaking to Chancellor Malard will make him and the mercenaries become aggressive.
  • The Golden Cove Bank dungeon section can only be accessed once during the quest.
  • When aggressively asking Zilda for any information on the Serpent, the cage trap that will await you would be filled with poison cloud. On the other hand, telling her that your intentions with the Serpent is not hostile, the cage wouldn't be filled with poison cloud but would still be locked.
  • Try to keep as many free inventory slot as you can when you initiate the heist. Once the heist is completed, you can never rob the bank again. That means you can keep whatever treasure you can carry away during the heist and nothing more. (FYI, if you have patience and hold off on the heist until after you complete the Shards of Fate quest and the Master's Laboratory quest, you will have increased carrying capacity, which will help significantly with how much loot you can carry away from the heist.)