The Temple of the Sleepers

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Side Quest: The Temple of the Sleepers
The Temple of the Sleepers.png
Starting Location
City of the Ancients
Given By
Golem Trader
Upon completion:
Fiendish Dagger ♦ 10,000 XP
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The Temple of the Sleepers is a quest given to you by Golem Trader at City of the Ancients.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 95 - Completable

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Quest Steps

  1. (Prerequisite) You need to have completed the quest Like Father, Like Son.
  2. Talk to the Golem Trader in the City of the Ancients and learn about the Temple of the Sleepers (requires Intellect 1 and 500 Gold).
  3. Read the book in the library of the City of the Ancients.
  4. Find the corpse with the missing book page in the City of the Ancients, thus gaining knowledge of the prayer.
  5. (Optional) Examine the painting on the wall and get a hint on the location of the Temple of the Sleepers.
  6. Gain access to the Temple of the Sleepers by interacting with the magical doors in the Gorge of the Silent Kings (requires a Purple Medallion for each of the 3 doors).
  7. Activate all 4 levers in the Temple of the Sleepers in rapid succession (before the area resets) and cross the bridge in the middle section (point of no return).
  8. Cross the teleporter maze to reach the Sanctum of the Sleepers. Step on the teleport runes in the order: F R F < R to get past the maze. (Hints to the correct path can be found in the Ancient City as well as the Temple of Sleepers.)
  9. Confront Azeran and kill him.
  10. Interact with the sarcophagus and save the Sleeper (trying to kill him will kill you).
  11. Escape from the temple by using the teleporter.


City of the AncientsGorge of the Silent KingsTemple of the Sleepers

Detailed Walkthrough

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Quest Rewards

For completing The Temple of the Sleepers:


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