The World is a Stage

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Side Quest: The World is a Stage
The World is a Stage.png
Starting Location
New Anthur (City)
Given By
Save Laertes:
Icicle ♦ 900 XP

Laertes dies and you give his medallion to Polonius:
Ring of Charm ♦ 1000 gold ♦ 200 XP

Laertes dies and you give his medallion to Cordelia:
Ring of Charm ♦ 800 XP

Duel with Laertes and give his medallion to Polonius:
Ring of Charm ♦ 1000 gold ♦ 200 XP

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The World is a Stage is a quest given to you by Cordelia at New Anthur (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 58 - Completable

Laertes, the admired actor and casual adventurer, has disappeared from the stage in New Anthur. In her despair Cordelia asks you to search for him, knowing nothing more than that Laertes was pursuing some weird idea for making his new play unforgettable. With the help of a drunken boatsman you set out on a journey across the sea, where a mythical beast is already waiting.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Cordelia and join the play.
  2. (Optional) Speak with Polonius.
  3. Buy 2 bottles of Friguld Rum from Leonato.
  4. Go to the docks and talk to Banquo.
  5. Set out for A Small Islet and find Laertes.
  6. Help Laertes kill the Manticore Whelp or duel with him.
  7. If Laertes died ensure you pick up his medallion.
  8. Return for your reward.


New Anthur (City)LeonatoBanquoLaertesCordelia or Polonius

Detailed Walkthrough

On your first encounter with Cordelia you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of a play, one that is not going too well by the way. The reason is quite obvious: The hero of the play, the beloved Laertes, does not appear and Cordelia is desperately trying to string along the audience.

Depending on your dialogue choices you can either save the day or bring the play to an abrupt end with an angry audience leaving the scene:

  • entertaining the audience (by telling them you are a companion of Sir Rudolph and then narrating your exciting adventures) grants +2 New Anthur reputation.
  • passing a PER 4 check AND having already completed either Fort Assault or A Web of Terror gives +2 additional reputation and the "Drama Queen" achievement.
  • attempting to improvise and failing leads to -2 reputation.
  • not taking part by informing the audience you are just a random passerby will lead to a neutral outcome.

Afterwards Cordelia will tell you that Laertes is currently missing and asks for your help to find him. The only hint she can give you is that the last time she saw Laertes he was enthusiastic about some rumours which, according to his own words, would make the play unforgettable. With little more info than that set out speaking to the people of New Anthur. Eventually you will encounter Polonius, who has no interest in Laertes' return and offers you a reward for making his absence permanent in case you ever find him. But the only one who is really able to provide useful information on the whereabouts of Laertes is Banquo down by the docks, a boatman and drunkard. Unfortunately, his lips are sealed as long as they are not moistened by some hard liquor. So buy two bottles of Friguld Rum from Leonato, who resides in front of the stage. The first bottle is needed for persuading Banquo to tell you a story of A Small Islet, where, according to rumour, living Manticores still can be found and which obviously was the target of Laertes. The second bottle is needed as payment to get you to the island itself.

On the island go north, sticking to the western coast line until rocks block your way. Proceed around this formation of rocks, fighting Goblins and Batraxs on the way. Your goal is the northwestern edge of the island, where a Manticore Whelp is living. Upon approaching it (make sure you are healed at this point), you will be greeted by the missing Laertes, who just happens to be preparing for a fight against the Manticore Whelp, the shell of which he thinks would make a great costume for the new play.

Now it's time for a choice: You can either help Laertes killing the Manticore Whelp and make sure he returns savely to New Anthur (which will grant you Icicle, a nice little sword) or work toward Laertes' early death by letting him die during the fight or doing the job yourself by dueling with him. Irrespective of how Laertes dies, make sure you grab the Ring of Charm and Laertes' Medallion from his body.

Head back to New Anthur and report to either Cordelia or Polonius, depending on your choice and the current vitality of Laertes.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 2CordeliaNew Anthur (City) Needed to change the course of the play and achieve a positive outcome (i.e. avoiding a -2 reputation loss with New Anthur) in case you choose the silly option at the beginning of the dialogue.
Decisive.png Personality 4CordeliaNew Anthur (City) Required to achieve the best possible outcome of the play (kissing Cordelia), yielding 500 XP and +4 reputation with New Anthur (300 XP and +2 reputation otherwise).

Quest Rewards

Save Laertes:



Laertes dies and you give his medallion to Polonius:


Laertes dies and you give his medallion to Cordelia:


Duel with Laertes and give his medallion to Polonius:


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  • Having Grissenda as a companion on this quest will make it easier especially if your level is not sufficiently high.
  • You can go back and forth between New Anthur and the island as often as you want, but a fresh bottle of Friguld Rum is needed for each round trip. You may have to sleep at an inn to be able to purchase one.
  • After Laertes dies, you can also decide to just keep his medaillon (+17 toxic resistance) for the time being, leaving the quest in a half-finished state. Once you find better equipment, you may still deliver it to Cordelia or Polonius for the XP bonus.