Thick Skin

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Thick Skin is a quest given to you by Bregos Greyhand in the town of Jabal (City).

Quest Overview

Bregos Greyhand is a skilled crafter who can even make armor out of Troll Hide. Agree to bring him some, and he will make a piece of trollskin armor for you.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Bregos about his armor
  2. Head south through the Jabal Hills to the Trollfens
  3. Slay trolls using fire
  4. Return and choose your armor


Detailed Walkthrough

In the town of Jabal, you will meet Bregos Greyhand. He is working on a strange piece of armor with a high degree of skill. He has discovered a way to work the skin of a troll into leather armor. It may not be as tough as metal, but it provides great protection against acid and poison. If you can bring him three trollskins and 2000 gold, he will make you a piece of trollskin armor of your choosing.

Leave town and head south into the Southern Jabal Hills. Work your way through the canyons, killing spiders as you go south. The next area is The Trollfens. Here you will find Swamp Scavengers and Trolls. In addition to packing a decent punch, the trolls also regenerate when you kill them, meaning you have to fight them all over again. The only way to prevent them from coming back zombie style is to ensure the killing blow has fire elemental damage. Be sure to equip you and your companion with fire weapons to make the fens a deadly but tolerable area. If you need to rest, the Sydarun Oasis lies to the east.

When you finally have your three Troll Hide, return to Jabal. Bregos will give you the option of cap, boots, or gauntlets. They all have the same stats, so choose whichever one benefits your current armor the most. Your reputation will increase in Jabal, and Bregos mentions returning later to learn how to work with trollskin, so you can make your own items some day.

Quest Rewards