Those in Need

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Side Quest: Those in Need
Those in Need.png
Starting Location
Mount Storme
Given By
Raegar joins the village:
Half-Moon Medallion ♦ 500 XP

Convince Raegar to leave peacefully:
Perfect Wolf Pelt ♦ 300 gold ♦ 300 XP

Kill the Bandits:
Perfect Wolf Pelt ♦ 150 gold

Demand gold from Radaim:
Perfect Wolf Pelt ♦ 200 gold

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Those in Need is a quest given to you by Radaim at Mount Storme.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 48 - Completable

A small village is constantly in fear of bandit attacks. A particular group's harassment has become unbearable.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Radaim.
  2. (Option) Rob Radaim and be done.
  3. Agree to either speak with or destroy the Bandits.
  4. Head northeast to the Bandit camp.
  5. Speak with Raegar.
  6. (Option) Kill Raegar and his men.
  7. (Option) Convince Raegar to flee.
  8. Return to Radaim.
  9. (Option) Convince him to allow the group to join the village.
  10. Return to Raegar.


Mount StormeRadaim

Detailed Walkthrough

While exploring the southern part of Mount Storme you will come across a small village. Speak with the village elder, Radaim, to learn all is not as peaceful as it seems. He thinks you are yet another bandit, come to rob the village. You can choose to go along with his first impression, rob him, and receive a few perfect pelts and some gold. This is the least optimal outcome but quickly ends the quests. Instead, convince him you mean him no harm and listen to his story of bandit attacks. Do the noble thing, and agree to handle the situation, either by talking or fighting. Either choice is fine for now, the real decisions come later.

Once you have agreed to handle the bandits, its time to locate their camp. Leave the village across the western bridge and keep to the southern path when it splits. As the area opens up, head north across another bridge. Keep heading north, killing the wolves as you go. You will see the bandits at the end, surrounding their leader, Raegar. Confront him and be given the choice to either hear him out or attack them. If you kill them, head back to Radaim for your reward. Letting him talk, you can then ask them to leave peacefully or continue to hear their story. Pass a hero reputation check, and they will leave or else you will be forced to fight them. Raegar goes on to explain that they were former soldiers in the Archipelago War and when the war ended, their homes and lands had either been taken from them or were overrun by monsters. With no where else to go, they banded together and resorted to this means of survival. You know have the chance to offer them help, which means a return trip to Radaim, so head back to the village.

Speak with Radaim about the bandits and explain their situation. He is not keen on the idea of helping the bandits in any way. Unless you can pass a level 2 Intellect or level 3 Personality check, you will have no choice but to return to Raegar and ask him to leave peacefully. If you pass the check, Radaim will be convinced having the veterans defend the village is the best outcome for both parties. Return to Raegar with the good news, and he will reward you with the Half-Moon Medallion, then head to the village.

If you chose to kill the vets or made them leave peacefully, you will need to collect your reward from Radaim. Depending on how you handled the situation, you will receive a varying amount of wolf pelts, gold, experience and reputation.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Intellect 2RadaimMount Storme Required for convincing Radaim to accept the veterans into the village. This is the only way of receiving the unique Half-Moon Medallion from Raegar later on. Alternative: Personality 3.
Decisive.png Personality 3RadaimMount Storme Required for convincing Radaim to accept the veterans into the village. This is the only way of receiving the unique Half-Moon Medallion from Raegar later on. Alternative: Intellect 2.

Quest Rewards

Raegar joins the village:



Convince Raegar to leave peacefully:



Kill the Bandits:



Demand gold from Radaim:



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  • When asked about the Baron, Radaim is very hesitant, almost frightened to speak about him and what happens in the keep.