Three versus Eleven

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Guild Quest: Three versus Eleven
Three versus Eleven.png
Starting Location
New Garand (City)
Given By
Turn in 3 petitions:
Ability to join Cleric's Guild ♦ Choice of: Blessed Platemail Boots | Ring of Health | Shield of Life
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Three versus Eleven is a quest given to you by Hirge at New Garand (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 50 - Completable

The Imperial Temple in New Garand does little to help the people of the city. Hirge is determined to make it a temple dedicated to the service of the people in the name of The Three.

Quest Steps

  1. Approach New Garand's Temple with Hirge as a companion.
  2. Speak with Governor D'Azlan in the Royal Castle Yard.
  3. Gather 3 signatures.
  4. Return with the signed petition.
  5. Head to the temple to get your reward.


New Garand (City)Sir Andrew MasonFritha RhayaderLatimerGilmourKardagisBishop Arandir

Detailed Walkthrough

While approaching the New Garand's Temple with Hirge as your companion, she will suddenly stop you and begin talking about the temple. She remarks it is sad that a place with such tremendous potential to help the masses is being wasted by the nobles. Her abrupt approach fell on deaf ears. Perhaps you can handle the situation with more tact and actually see some change.

The first thing you must do is head to the Royal Castle Yard and enter the courtyard. Here you will encounter Governor D'Azlan. Speak to him about the church to continue the quest. As you make your case, there will be two Trait checks you can pass to make this quest much easier. Level 3 Intellect or Level 4 Personality checks will convince the Governor of the need for the temple to change, but he will still need to be able to show the townspeople support it.

If you can't pass either check, you will have to resort to a more expensive route, assuming you can pass a Level 1 Personality check after hinting that you might bribe the governor. Fail this check, and you will be tossed from castle. Pass the check and the governor will accept a 'donation' of 3,000 gold to 'move things along'.

However you pass the checks, you will now need 3 signed petitions from people of importance in New Garand. Depending on your actions in previous quests, this will either be quick and easy, or require a little more energy and money. There are 5 possible signatures you can get around town:

Get the three easiest signatures you can, then head back to the governor.

Show him the three signed petitions and he will declare, by order of the King, that the temple now be used by followers of the Three. You will gain experience and reputation with The Three. Now head to the temple to see the changes. Brother Gabriel can now offers his healing services here and Bishop Arandir has arrived. He will offer you a choice of three magic items: boots, a ring, or a shield. As a cleric, you now have the opportunity to join their guild (one-time lifelong membership). This will grant you access to the shop and bed in the temple and also advanced skill training from the Bishop.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Intellect 3Governor D'AzlanRoyal Castle Yard Required for convincing the Governor to consider the reallocation of the temple, thus advancing the quest. Alternative: Personality 4 or Personality 1 + 3,000 Gold.
Decisive.png Personality 1Governor D'AzlanRoyal Castle Yard Required for convincing the Governor with a bribe of 3,000 Gold, thus advancing the quest. Free alternative: Intellect 3 or Personality 4.
Decisive.png Personality 4Governor D'AzlanRoyal Castle Yard Required for convincing the Governor to consider the reallocation of the temple, thus advancing the quest. Alternative: Intellect 3 or Personality 1 + 3,000 Gold.

Quest Rewards

Turn in 3 petitions:



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