Tips and Tricks

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General gameplay tips

  • Quick save is your best friend. Use it whenever possible, especially before major quest interactions, fighting a boss, or entering a dungeon.
  • Don't hoard potions or spells. They're more useful at low levels: the "summon wolf" scroll, which summons a level 5 wolf to fight for you, is much better at fighting goblins than dragons.
  • The map of an area in normal view has every direction shifted to the right. In world view, North is "up", East is "right", etc. but in area view, North is "right", East is "down", etc.
  • You can save in dungeons through the "save and exit" button. However, if you save this way and then die, the save will be deleted.
  • Scrolls of Recall are cheap, save time, and can get you out of deadly situations. Keep a couple with you in a quickslot, and if you're swarmed and about to die, use one to teleport to the nearest town.

Combat tips

  • When facing a swarm of enemies, you can usually lure them out one by one by waiting nearby. Enemies will wander randomly and eventually spot you, but not all at once, which will make combat easier.
  • Attacking a monster from the back will "flank" it, dealing double or triple damage. The best ways to do this are through stun, potions of invisibility, or walking around the enemy while it attacks a companion.
  • Use skills as often as possible. You can always wait for them to refresh.

Grinding tips for gold and XP

  • Items can be bought for around 4x what they sell for, so try not to buy anything you plan on selling later, like armor or swords. Shops don't have the best gear, anyways.
  • Most containers are updated every 12 hours in-game and will spawn with new loot.
  • Fight enemies near your level, even if you can't kill as many. Because of the way Experience Points work, you get much more XP for killing enemies near your level.
  • Upgrading your Intellect is worth it because you gain a bonus to XP and can always reset trait points later on.
  • At Shrines, you can pay 100 gold for +3% XP for a week. This is a very good deal.