Info from NPCs

"An ancient civilization which inhabited these land a millennia ago." - Anton Gerdt

"They were a trange and fascinating civilization, we still know very little about them. There is one thing about Tolassians that is especially strange..." - Anton Gerdt
They disappeared without a trace, they're all undead now, no bathrooms... (The character)
"No, it is even more unsettling: all we have found from them is... tombs. No cities, no castles, no temples. Isn't it fascinating?" - Anton Gerdt

Quotations from the books in tombs

"Our Lord Tol raised us, and the warm beasts above trembled and hid in despair. We built many strongholds under the earth, and brought with us as many of the weaklings as we needed. They were ours to enjoy, Lord Tol himself said, either as food, or as entertainment." From the Ancient Tolassian Tome in Ydaya Tomb.
"The Crown of Tol, and the Eye of Tol are sacred artifacts forged millenia ago in another world, by our Lord Tol himself. Just as He was Mangled, the Eye was shattered in ten pieces, and the Crown was sundered. The High Priest keeps the crown until the day the Lord returns to reclaim it." From the Ancient Tolassian Tome in Kleyou Tomb.
"And thus our people built underground, away from the avenging sun. We built above ground once: over the mighty halls of our High Priest in his mountain, we ordered our human pets to build a fort to oversee the lands."
This is fascinating... "that was the might Hall of the Blue Star, where we, the Trascendent Ones, the immortal, grew wise over the centuries. But then came the Great Descruction which felled our Lord Tol, and since then our numbers are few, and our halls always empty." From the Ancient Tolassian Tome in the Nayau Tomb

Various tombs and Tolassian sites throughout the land

Tolassian Items

Various items have been found as well directly related to the Tolassians. They are: