Town Hall

Located within most cities is a Town Hall that provides access to several options for a player.

Town Hall reputation is the average of your reputation in the local area and the corresponding kingdom.


Town Hall Quests are randomly generated quests, either a bounty (a nice word for "killing") or an item fetch quest. They provide a chance for extra experience, gold, items, and reputation.

Quests for capital cities reward +2 or +3 reputation for that kingdom (Varsilia, Mercia, Nivarian). Quests for towns reward +1 reputation for the town and +1 for the kingdom.


Four magical vaults can be purchased at an increasing price. The vaults provide permanent, safe, quickly accessible storage. Dimensions are the same as your backpack.

Pay Fine

If your reputation drops very low you can pay gold to improve it, to a maximum of -5 reputation, to raise it further you must earn respect by doing quests.