Trader Otarab

Exiled Kingdoms: NPC
The Grey Library

― Trader Otarab

Sells items to the friends of the Golden Hand.


Golden Hand




Trader Otarab's Wares
Name Cost Description
Potion of Moderate Healing 250 Gain HP 60 Will heal a total of 60hp. Tastes like chicken soup.
Potion of Greater Healing 600 Gain HP 90 Will heal a total of 90hp. The adventurer's best friend.
Potion of Resist Shock 100 Resist Shock 25 For 60 Seconds Grants a +25 bonus for 1 minute.
Potion of Shielding 150 Gain Shield 10 For 12 Seconds Will add +10 to armor for 12 seconds.
Spider Venom 150 Poison Weapon 4 For 15 Seconds Coat your blade in this, for +4 toxic damage (15 seconds).
Potion of Mana 350 Gain Mana 35 Keep going and going! Recovers +35 mana.
Scroll of Recall 280 Recall Teleports you and your party to a nearby town.
Scroll of Detection 240 Detect Can detect secrets (75%) in a 10m range.
Scroll: Teleport 600 Teleportation Allows you to Recall, or to travel to any town you have visited before. It might not work if cast from large towns and other magically sealed areas.


  • The name "Otarab" is an anagram of Spanish "barato", which means cheap. This reflects the fact that Trader Otarab sells (but also buys) wares with a 15% discount.