Trial and Error

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Companion Quest: Trial and Error
Trial and Error.png
Starting Location
a random encounter in Varsilia
Given By
Upon completion: Nothing
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Trial and Error is a quest given to you by Adaon at a random encounter in Varsilia.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 90 - Completable

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Quest Steps

  1. With Adaon as a companion, find the random road encounter with a Beggar
  2. Head to Port Malan Prison
  3. Speak with Bagadar
  4. (Optional) Speak with Governor Todbir
  5. Travel to the Heart of Korne in Eastern Korne
  6. Speak with the Prisoner
  7. In room across from throne room is a brick that needs to be pushed in.
  8. Head up the stairs behind the grate in the Eastern tunnel
  9. Go into The Observatory
  10. Speaking with the statue telports you further inside.
  11. Read book (Awa 3 check)
  12. Recover the journal from the corpse
  13. Set the wheel on the device to 11 And compass to East
  14. Use rune to exit dungeon
  15. show evidence to Governor Todbir
  16. Speak with Bagadar


a random encounter in Varsilia ➔ Western KorneEastern KorneHeart of KorneThe ObservatoryBagadar

Detailed Walkthrough

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Quest Rewards

For completing Trial and Error:

Related Quests

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You must have Adaon as your companion in order to progress through this quest: i.e. receive the quest