Trial and Error

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Companion Quest: Trial and Error
Trial and Error.png
Starting Location
Random Encounter in Varsilia
Given By
Free Bagadar:
Adaon becomes capable of learning Advanced Skills ♦ Silver Bow of MalanPurple DiamondGold Ingot x4 ♦ Staff of WondersTome of Lost Wisdom ♦ 10,000 XP (from Telescope)
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Trial and Error is a quest given to you by Beggar at Random Encounter in Varsilia.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 90 - Completable

Description needed...

Quest Steps

  1. With Adaon as a companion, find the random road encounter with a Beggar
  2. Head to Port Malan Prison
  3. Speak with Bagadar
  4. (Optional) Speak with Governor Todbir
  5. Travel to the Heart of Korne in Eastern Korne
  6. Speak with the Prisoner
  7. In room across from throne room is a brick that needs to be pushed in.
  8. Head up the stairs behind the grate in the Eastern tunnel
  9. Go into The Observatory
  10. Speaking with the statue telports you further inside.
  11. Read book (Awa 3 check)
  12. Recover the journal from the corpse
  13. Set the wheel on the device to 11 And compass to East
  14. Use rune to exit dungeon
  15. show evidence to Governor Todbir (Requires 40 reputation with Varsilia)
  16. Speak with Bagadar


Random Encounter in Varsilia ➔ Western KorneEastern KorneHeart of KorneThe ObservatoryBagadar

Detailed Walkthrough

Once you reach level 13, Beggar will approach you on roads and ask for money. You can give 50 gold, 100 gold, or nothing. No choice will result in reputation changes.

Once you have Adaon as your companion, Beggar will recognize him and tell him that Bagadar, Adaon's old caretaker, is imprisoned. Travel to Western Korne and you will be allowed into the prison with Adaon. Bagadar will reveal that he found a map to the treasure of Malan, and sold it to a noble named Aramas. Aramas died and Bagadar was imprisoned for murder, but he knows the map led to Eastern Korne.

Travel to Heart of Korne, a dungeon full of Ursan and Shaman. Be prepared to get swarmed, and remember that the Ursan can stun you with Bash. To the South, there is a cage with prisoners and a lever. Use the lever and talk to Prisoner to free them, granting +4 rep with Port Malan and Varsilia.

To the North, you will find the Throne Room, with a group of Ursan and the King of Korne. You will not receive unique loot from him, just rumor boss loot, so you may want to wait until later to kill him. From the throne room, go East and kill High Shaman. Next to the shrine in that room, there is a wall with a brick sticking out. Push it to unlock the path to The Observatory.

To the northeast, defeat another High Shaman and exit back to Eastern Korne. You can descend stairs to get to The Observatory. Note: You can teleport from Heart of Korne and Eastern Korne but not The Observatory. Make sure you are prepared before you go in!

In The Observatory, get close to the statue and Adaon will touch its palm, teleporting you further in and making it impossible to escape until the quest is complete. You will need to defeat about five Lesser Earth Elementals, two Iron Golems, and one Ancient Guardian. Additionally, in a room to the southeast, you can get 4 Scroll: Teleport and 4 Scroll of Detection from bookshelves.

To the Northeast, pick up Sir Aramas' Remains from a corpse. Then go to the main room to the north. The chest will contain Malan's treasure, listed below. There is also a book you can read, explaining that the telescope in the room is aimed at Andoria. Passing an Awareness 3 check will tell you the settings for the telescope: the direction Andoria is located (East) and the holiest number (11, associated with the imperial religion). Enter these into the telescope to learn that Andoria is not completely destroyed, the Horrors are gone, and it is inhabited. This will grant 10,000 xp. Entering the wrong settings will deal 200 shock damage.

Step on the glowing rune to leave The Observatory. You will always be able to go back, with any companion. Go back to the prison with Adaon and speak to Governor Todbir. If you have 40 reputation with Varsilia, he will take the remains and free Bagadar. Adaon will refuse Bagadar's offer of partnership, learn advanced skills, and gain 3 trait points and 3 skill points.

Quest Rewards

Free Bagadar:



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  • You must have Adaon as your companion in order to receive this quest and gain access to The Observatory.
  • Shock resistance reduces the damage dealt by failed attempts to use the telescope.