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Mob: Trolls
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Large, brutish and imposing, trolls are truly formidable creatures that are very hard to kill. Their home is the The Trollfens, where they dwell amongst the eery swamps. They wield a huge club to deal vast amounts of damage and are even able to perform a stunning move identical to that of the orcs, the player will be knocked back several meters and will be stunned for a few seconds. On top of this, they possess a high amount of health and armour, giving them brilliant survivability; this will give them plenty more chance to deal lots of damage. Dangerous enough alone, trolls can commonly be found rather close together, and sometimes even in small groups around campfires. Trolls have little trouble beating the player to a pulp when in groups, making encounters with them ever more dangerous.

To top this all off, trolls must be killed using a weapon which deals fire damage (the last hit to connect which kills it must be with a weapon that deals flame damage.) Otherwise, they will simply "Regenerate" after death, allowing them to rise again at full health and fight as many times as they wish. Whether or not they will regenerate is indicated by a message in the combat log saying "Troll begins regenerating!".

"Trolls are an animated mass of cursed flesh. They take a hominid form and employ weapons, even mimic other hominids' behavior, and have developed the senses of sight and smell. But by cutting through them, you won't find organs or even bones, just more green, dense flesh, similar to frozen meat in hardness. As soon as it's damaged, it begins to regrow and melts together again." --LoreMaster DavidBVal






Level Armor HP
13 Shield small.png 18 Heart.png 248
Damage Extra Damage Speed Crit % DPS Resistances
Attributes Skills Proc Effect
Aberration; Regeneration Bash: 3



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