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Exiled Kingdoms: Armor


Armor Sets

AshenApprenticeAssassin'sBlessed ChainBlessed PlatemailChainmailConjurerForest ChainHardened LeatherHunter'sJourneymanLeatherLegionLionskinMyrosianPlatemailPrimal IceThuramiamTolassian ChainTraitor's ChainTrollskinVelites Chain

Armor Table

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List of Trollskin Armor

Icon Name Class Rarity Cost/Value Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistances Traits
Armor leather feet green.png Trollskin Boots All Unique 1500/375 1 2 Poison.png 40
Armor leather head green.png Trollskin Cap All Unique 1500/375 1 2 Poison.png 40
Armor leather hands green.png Trollskin Gauntlets All Unique 1500/375 1 2 Poison.png 40

Set Totals

  • Total Armor = 3
  • Total Health = 6
  • Total Mana = 0
  • Total Resists = Toxic 120


  • It is only possible to obtain one of these pieces of armor, so they cannot be wielded together. (Of course, if you could be dressed from head to toe in trollskin, you would risk getting mistaken for a troll yourself and get attacked by the most relentless enemies of all: the adventurers.)
  • In the quest Exotic Substances, you will get Jungle Boots with 25 poison resistance as a reward, so choosing the gauntlets or helmet for this quest will let you get a higher possible resistance later on.