Turning the Scales

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Side Quest: Turning the Scales
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Starting Location
Given By
Turn in 5 Fire Drake Scales:
Choice of: Red Leather Buckler | Red Leather Shield ♦ 1000 XP
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Turning the Scales is a quest given to you by Rolgam at Freetown.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 53 - Completable

Armorer Rolgam from Freetown wants you to collect Fire Drake Scales so he can make pieces of legendary fire-resistent armor from it. Certainly, one of those would come in handy for you as well, so why not supporting the man in his endavour.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Rolgam in Freetown.
  2. Collect 5 Fire Drake Scales from Fire Drakes in The Deep Cauldron within Gorx Lair.
  3. Return to Rolgam and trade them for your reward.


FreetownFire DrakeRolgam

Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Rolgam, who stands in the southern part of Freetown besides Armorer Dorma. He will tell you about his desire to recreate the ancient Imperial art of making fireproof red leather armor, and how the legendary Dragoons using it could walk through fire unscathed. He needs 5 Fire Drake Scales in order to try and recreate the armor.
  2. Rumours at inns will stay that deep within the Gorx Lair the goblins worship fire drakes. As always these rumours are totally correct.
  3. Equip your best fire resistance armor and enter the Gorx Lair from Northwest Sagar Forest. In the northeast of the cave is a river of lava. At the end of this river is the hidden entrance to The Deep Cauldron. Inside there are many Fire Drakes that have a slight chance to drop Fire Drake Scales. You will likely have to clear the dungeon several times to obtain 5 of them.
  4. After finally obtaining the scales, head back to Freetown and speak to Rolgam to obtain your reward.


Quest Rewards

Turn in 5 Fire Drake Scales:



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