Urzuganar Lair

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Dungeons: Urzuganar Lair
World Map: H9
In-Game Map
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The Orc King claims this mine as base of operations. Well armed orcs patrol the halls while a group of slaves are forced to work the mine.

Dungeon Access

Urzuganar Lair is accessed from Southern Bluemist River.


There is 1 Secret Door in this area.




Scroll of Recall and Gate recall to Kingsbridge (City)


Difficulty (0...9) Enemy Level Elemental Dangers Enemy Vulnerabilities
4 2−12 Fire.png Holy double.png Cold.png Poison.png

Recurring Enemies

Environmental Dangers


Random Loot

  • 1 chest (in secret room) containing:
7-42 Gold (100%), Hardened Leather Boots (14.1%), Thief's Blade (13.4%), Small Sapphire (8%), Steel Shortsword (8%), Dirk (6.1%), Hardened Leather Cap (5.7%), Scroll of Lesser Wisdom (4.5%), Cowl of Fellowship (3.7%), Small Emerald (3.6%), Potion of Death Ward (3.5%), Potion of Moderate Healing (3.3%), Hardened Leather Cuirass (1.8%)
  • 4 chests containing:
3-18 Gold (100%), Iron Axe (19.3%), Hardened Leather Cap (15%), Potion of Lesser Shielding (14.9%), Orc Battle Plans (14.8%), Hardened Leather Gauntlets (13.4%), Potion of Resist Cold (8%), Potion of Resist Fire (6.4%)
  • 2 chests containing:
12-72 Gold (100%), Chainmail Gauntlets (15%), Potion of Light Healing (7.2%), Hunter's Mark (7%), Orc Battle Plans (6.5%), Small Emerald (6%), Potion of Speed (4.2%), Hatchet (3.8%), Bluesteel Maul (3.3%), Bluesteel Greataxe (2.4%)

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this area. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectQuest Description
Intellect 1NiurPrisoner of Orcs Required to clearly remember Usham's name, thus convincing Niur to follow you. Otherwise you just have to guess who sent you.


Windrose.pngUrzuganar LairUrzuganar Lair.jpg
Important sites and secrets
Exit to Southern Bluemist River
Town Hall Quest locations
Secret door (level 7)
Important NPCs and enemies
Niur advancing quest Prisoner of Orcs (only while quest is active)
Orc King


While it might appear to be the same type of construction the Tolassians used upon first glance, a closer inspection quickly proves that this sprawling underground lair is actually of more recent manufacture. Additionally, it lacks many of the standard accouterments such locations have as normal fare. Regardless, adventurers and explorers should be on their toes. In addition to the literal horde of Orcs inside, there are plenty of other threats.
Attached to the lair, is a small mine for iron ore... The orcs have broken the wills of dozens of captives and these enslaved souls are almost nothing more than machines anymore; with little to no will or thoughts of their own. Unfortunately, for those who have fallen into this pitiable state, there is little that can be done other than hope they don't block or otherwise hinder those trying to traverse the mine.