User talk:Andrew


I only started this because there were at times 3-4 separate instances of an item and only one, maybe two were ever updated.

There was the armor tables, the armor page itself, the group pages. All with different data.

I purposely made a note field that was modifiable in every page that will show up so that any wanted changes by normal users can be put in.

I really do understand where your coming from, but before this the group pages, Class pages, and most tables, while they could have been useful were simply unusable and you couldn't tell without looking at the history of pages what was actually current.

I'll try to find somewhere to let normal users know about the notes section, and that they should just fill in what they want to see there. But not sure yet how we would keep 4-5 pages that want the same information from having to be individually updated (which wouldn't happen). But I'll start looking into it