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Velites Chain armor is worn by elite Legion explorers; pieces can be bought in Freetown, found in the Mercian Royal Crypt, or given as Mercian Town Hall quest rewards.

List of Velites Chain Armor

Icon Name Class Rarity Cost/Value Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistances Traits
Armor chain feet g.png Velites Chain Boots W, R Common 2500/625 2 6
Armor chain head g.png Velites Chain Coif W, R Uncommon 2100/525 2 6
Armor chain hands g.png Velites Chain Gauntlets W, R Common 2200/550 2 8
Armor chain legs g.png Velites Chain Leggings W, R Common 3900/975 2 11
Armor chain chest g.png Velites Chain Shirt W, R Uncommon 4200/1050 3 11

Set Totals

  • Total Armor = 11
  • Total Health = 42
  • Total Mana = 0
  • Total Resists = 0