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They can be barbarian brutes, skilled mercenaries, or refined knights.But all of them have something
in common: they can use the heaviest armor and weapons,and they tend to get into a mess very often.

Warriors have the highest Health of all classes, and a decent damage progression. Their skills are often
defensive, and that combined with their heavy armor makes them able to survive direct combat with many
monsters at once. Well, at least better than others do!

When needed, they can sacrifice some of their defense and use two-handed weapons, which are great
against high-armor enemies. For the most part, only warriors can use them.

 Health at level 1: 45hp
 Health bonus/level: +6hp
 Other Advantages or Drawbacks: 
 Warriors will pay less gold to become knights of one of the Kingdoms

Warrior Skills

Whirlwind Whirlwind
Hit all Enemies around you with a spinning slash. Pushes back and
deals extra damage, Maybe stunning them.

Bash Bash
Slam into an enemy, pushing them back and maybe stunning them.
Does damage, and is a good way to split groups of enemies or escape
certain death. Using a shield will make your bash more effective.

Skill Icons

Usable Equipment

Warrior's Are capable of wielding almost any weapon type or armor type
making them extremely versatile characters.