Front-line fighters, trained to use almost every weapon or armor.
― In-game text

They can be barbarian brutes, skilled mercenaries, or refined knights. But all of them have something in common: they can use the heaviest armor and weapons, and they tend to get into a mess very often. Warriors have the highest Health of all classes, and a decent damage progression. Their skills are often defensive, and that combined with their heavy armor makes them able to survive direct combat with many monsters at once. Well, at least better than others do! When needed, they can sacrifice some of their defense and use two-handed weapons, which are great against high-armor enemies. For the most part, only warriors can use them.

Warrior Basics

 Health at level 1: 45hp
 Health bonus/level: +6hp
 Other Advantages or Drawbacks: 
 Warriors will pay less gold to become knights of one of the Kingdoms

Usable Equipment

Warriors are capable of wielding almost any weapon type or armor type making them extremely versatile characters.

 Armor and Weapons


Warrior Skills

Skill Name Skill Type Skill Affects Skill Points Cooldown Description
Link=Bash Bash Active Enemy pushed back 2/3/4 meters and stunned 1/2/3 seconds (+1 second if you use a shield) 1/1/2 16/14/12 Slam into an enemy, to push him back and maybe stun him. Does some damage, and it's a good way to split enemies or escape them.
Link=Charge Charge Active Charge does +60%/+90%/+125%/+160% damage. 1/1/2/3 12/11/10/9 Your battle rage drives you through lines of enemies, cutting through them. Hitting more enemies causes more damage.
Link=Cleave Cleave Passive You hit one enemy normally, and one/two/three extra enemies for 50%/60%/75% damage 1/2/3 Your attacks are a deadly flurry of slashes. If your attack can hit more than one enemy in front of you, you will hit them all, not just the closest.
Link=Fury Fury Passive When you have less than 30%/35%/35% HP, deal +30%/+50%/+65% damage 1/2/2 When you are injured, your rage increases your damage output making you more dangerous than ever
Link=Resilience Resilience Active Gain +5/+8/+12 armor for 6/8/10 seconds 1/2/3 60/60/60 For a limited time, you focus in defense, and obtain an armor bonus. You may survive dangers that would normally kill you.
Link=Shield Expert Shield Expert Passive When wielding a shield, +1/+2/+3 armor, an extra +2/+3/+4 vs projectiles. 1/2/3 You are very experienced at fighting using a shield, in particular to cover from ranged attacks (including magical)
Link=Two Handed Expert Two Handed Expert Passive With 2-handed weapons, add your STR x1.5/x2/x2 to damage, and +5%/+5%/+10% stun chance 1/2/3 You are especially proficient with two-handed weapons.
Link=Whirlwind Whirlwind Active Whirlwind deals 50%/75%/100%/120% extra damage, 0%/3%/5%/7% stun chance 1/2/3/3 12/11/10/9 Hit all enemies around you with a spinning slash. Pushes back and deals extra damage, maybe stunning them.

General Skills

Skill Name Skill Type Skill Affects Skill Points Description
Link=Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Passive Gain a +10%/+18%/+25% bonus to find traps and secret doors. 1/1/1 You are an expert in dungeon exploration, and can find more easily hidden traps or secret doors
Link=Extra Recovery Extra Recovery Passive Gain +1/+2 recovery/day 3/5 You gain extra uses of the recovery button per day.
Link=Gossip Gossip Passive Gain a +5%/+10%/+15% bonus to learn rumors. 1/1/1 You know how to be friendly enough to listen to local news and legends

Advanced Warrior Skills

These advanced skills must be learned from a skilled trainer.

Skill Name Skill Type Skill Affects Skill Points Cooldown Reqs Description
Link=Duel Duel Passive Damage increments by +1/+2/+2 per hit, up to a maximum of +4/+6/+10 1/2/3 PER 2 If you hit twice the same enemy, you gain bonus damage, which keeps increasing with each new hit. The effect ends if you hit a different enemy, or you abandon combat.
Link=Heavyhand Heavyhand Passive Gain +1/+3/+5 extra damage per attack 1/2/3 STR 4 Extensive training makes you put more might behind every blow. Your melee attacks cause additional damage.
Link=Massive Criticals Massive Criticals Passive Criticals do up to 200%/250%/300% of max weapon damage, 10%/25%/50% chance to kill weaker enemies. 1/2/3 STR 3 Your critical hits go beyond the usual 150% max damage, with a chance to insta-kill enemies 2 levels below yours (some are inmune)
Link=Precission Shots Precission Shots Passive Increase weapon's base critical chance by 50%/100%/150% 1/2/3 INT 1, AWA 1 Your critical chance with ranged weapons is increased.
Link=Precission Strikes Precission Strikes Passive Increase weapon's base critical chance by 50%/100%/150% 1/2/3 INT 1, AWA 1 Your critical chance with melee weapons is increased.
Link=Rapid fire Rapid fire Active Attack speed increased by 40%/70%/100% for 6 seconds 1/2/3 20/20/20 AGI 4 For a few seconds, your rate of fire with bows increases.

Skill Icons