Welcome to the House

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Guild Quest: Welcome to the House
Welcome to the House.png
Starting Location
New Garand Sewers
Given By
an ancient statue
Gained entry:
Access to Seventh House ♦ 600 XP
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Welcome to the House is a quest given to you by an ancient statue at New Garand Sewers.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 20 - Completable

There is an ancient statue of a street beggar down in the New Garand Sewers. How strange...

Quest Steps

  1. Locate the statue in the sewers.
  2. Discover the secret coin slot.
  3. Find the Imperial Copper Penny.
  4. Use the penny on the statue.
  5. Enter the Seventh House.


New Garand SewersImperial Copper PennyKardagis

Detailed Walkthrough

As you explore the New Garand Sewers, you will come across a strange statue, just south of Butterfingers establishment. If you have low awareness or Adaon is not your companion, there will nothing to do. However, with Adaon or 2 Awareness you will notice a small coin-sized slot in the Statue.pngstatue's hand. Putting gold in the slot will trigger an acid trap, so you will have to find some other sort of coin.

Return to the eastern part of the sewers, near the lever operated bridge. There is a secret door here on the northern wall. Enter once you find it, but move slowly.

The infamous trap room.

The first room has two Spike Traps. The second room, the Room of Death is packed with Spike Traps. There is only one safe route through. Refer to the image for help getting through. They are high-level traps, so trying to make a run for it is ill advised. Once safely through the trap room, you must now deal with an Enraged Rat and another spike trap directly in front of the chest. The highly guarded secret is, of course, a penny. An Imperial Copper Penny to be exact. Putting two and two together, return to the statue.

Insert the penny into the slot, and the nearby grates will finally lower. In case you hadn't realized these are cautious people, there is another spike trap just inside. Continue on inside, and meet Kardagis, the head of the Thieves Guild known as the Seventh House. Speaking to her can begin the quest Smugglers in the Night, which allows entry into the Thieves Guild.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Awareness 2StatueNew Garand Sewers Mandatory to discover the coin slot for opening the grate, thus gaining entrance to the Seventh House. Alternative: Having Adaon in your party.

Quest Rewards

Gained entry:



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