Werewolf (Lesser)

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This slightly weaker variant of Werewolves only appears during the ambush in the quest Defending the Outpost. They keep on respawning until their leader Ahroun is defeated.


Grunts attacking Xerla's camp during Defending The Outpost.



  • None



Type Level XP Armor Health Mana MovementBoss Type
Shapeshifters 12 131 Shield small.png 11 Heart.png 138 Mana.png 0 0.9strong
Damage Extra Damage Speed Crit % DPS Resistances
Sword.png 17-26 Speed.png 9 4 19.8 Cold.png 60 Shock.png 20 Death.png 20 Poison.png 20
Attributes Skills Proc Effect
Beast, Shapechanger Fury: 1


  • Some of the stats change with creature level and game mode. The values shown in the table above always refer to the highest level at Normal difficulty. On Hard or Iron Man some values such as HP and attack stats are increased by 25%.