Where is Amarisa?

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Main Quest: Where is Amarisa?
Where is Amarisa?.png
Starting Location
Unknown Dungeon
Given By
Researching Amarisa and the Forsaken:
300 XP
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Where is Amarisa? is a quest given to you by Amarisa at Unknown Dungeon.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 16 - Completable

A young girl helps you in a time of need, only to be taken by a group called the Forsaken. As you learn more about the girl, you realize saving her might be the only way to save yourself and the Kingdoms.

Quest Steps

  1. (Cannot be completed at this time.)
  2. Meet Amarisa in jail.
  3. Try to help her escape.
  4. Have Rur'azar research the name Amarisa.
  5. Collect 3 Fire Salts.
  6. (Optional) Buy them from a Travelling Alchemist.
  7. Return to hear his research.


Unknown DungeonThe Loreseeker's Library - New GarandFire SaltsThe Loreseeker's Library - New Garand

Detailed Walkthrough

Towards the end of A mysterious letter, you will end up locked in a dungeon. A girl who claims to be a Traveler is in the cell next to you. Using the last of her power, she transports you outside the cell so you can escape. After fighting your way through the dungeon, going to her cell will reveal she is no longer there. From here the trail goes cold until you arrive at the The Loreseeker's Library - New Garand during A Key to the Past. You will be able to ask Rur'azar to research the Forsaken and Amarisa. If instead you research the tower first, be sure to research this topic prior to entering the inner sanctum of Tremadan Tower. His research will require a payment of 3 Fire Salts. These are dropped by Imps, which are located primarily deep in Lannegar Mine and Gorx Lair. The other method involves hoping you run into a Travelling Alchemist who sells them. Despite what he says, there is no time restraint on the research. Simply return whenever you have the needed salts.

His research reveals little about Amarisa; only that 20 years ago, a man was rumored to be held captive by the Forsaken somewhere in the Wyvern Mountains. With this done, complete A Key to the Past and learn more about Amarisa's past from the Ghostly Figure. It turns out she is your sister, and as a member of Arch-Mage Tremadan's lineage, possesses the blood needed to open a Deep Gate, similar to the ones that destroy the Empire years ago. It is now clear you must save her, or the Kingdoms may have the same fate befall them.

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Quest Rewards

Researching Amarisa and the Forsaken:


  • 300 XP

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