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Side Quest: Where is Giles
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Starting Location
New Garand (City)
Given By
Tell the truth to Latimer:
600 gold ♦ 900 XP

Lie to Latimer:
1500 gold ♦ 500 XP

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Where is Giles is a quest given to you by Latimer at New Garand (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 29 - Completable

Latimer is looking for a hero who may be able to locate his missing son.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must have 'heroic' Varsilia reputation to unlock this quest.)
  2. Find Latimer in New Garand.
  3. Agree to find his son.
  4. Find Guard Chea in Lannegar.
  5. Travel to the snowfields and enter the Merdxan Cave.
  6. Find Giles' Remains in a chest in the southwestern corner.
  7. Decide what to do with his remains.


New Garand (City)Lannegar (City)Merdxan CaveLatimer

Detailed Walkthrough

Five years ago, Latimer had hopes his son, Giles, would join in the silk trade. One day Giles disappeared and no word or random has come in all this time. However, Latimer will not give up hope that his son still lives and refuses to hear anything to the contrary. If you push the issue, Latimer will grow irate, cut off talks, and the quest fails. Instead, tell you will return with the boy's location. He mentions he had a friend, a girl named Chea. It is possible they ran off together to elope. It isn't much help, but you're sure you've meet Chea before.

In case you forgot, Guard Chea is one of the guards in Lannegar. Head there and speak with her about Giles. She has been asked before by other adventurers, and told them all the same thing; Giles died protecting her. Apparently since no reward is offered for news of Giles' death, none of the others bothered returning to Latimer. She goes on to tell you of their life together. They loved each other very much and preferred a life of travel to one of trade. Their deeds even included killing the troll King, earning Chea the nickname Chea Trollgutter. However, when clearing out a icy cavern in the North Sagar Forest, they encountered something terrible, and Giles stayed behind to give Chea time to escape. If you do decide to continue to investigate, Chea asks you bring his remains to her so she can bury him properly. Load up on ice resistance and head out.

You will need to travel through Northwest Sagar Forest and into the northern, snowy part of North Sagar Forest. Once across the bridge, follow the ridge to the left, fighting white wolves as you go. At the edge of the area, you will find Merdxan Cave. This is the lair of the ice dragon. For the purpose of the quest you do not have to beat him, but you should come back and kill it at some point.

Inside the cave, you will find Icylons and white wolves. In the first open area, clear the enemies and loot the chest, then head west. You will come to a fork. Going north will lead to two other areas, one with a chest and the other houses the dragon. Instead, take the lower west passage to a side area packed with Wraiths. Lure them into the passage to strangle their numbers and avoid being swarmed. Once the room is safe, loot the chest, which holds Giles' Remains. Now you need to decide how to handle the remains and the news for Latimer.

Start by heading back to Lannegar. When Guard Chea hears you have Giles' bones, she will offer you a different solution. Leave the bones with her so she may bury him in the wild, and in return, she will give you an old letter from Giles you can use as proof of life for Latimer. With either the Letter from Giles or his remains, finally head back to New Garand and speak with Latimer. If you brought the letter, you will lie to Latimer and inform him his son is alive and an adventurer in Thuram. You will receive the promise reward of 1500 gold and some experience. If instead you kept the remains and deliver them, you are forced to break the news to him. You will tell him Giles lived a heroic life, he should be honored, and bury his son with pride. In doing so, you will receive less money, but earn the friendship and gratitude of Latimer, if you should ever need his help. This will earn you a reputation bump in Varsilia.


Quest Rewards

Tell the truth to Latimer:


  • 600 gold
  • 900 XP


Lie to Latimer:


  • 1500 gold
  • 500 XP

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