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I'm going to give a brief overview of the the layout and what's required to add to the wiki.

Individual Pages

Every item, area, NPC, mob, quest or skill has its own page. The title of the page should be its name in title case (First Letter of Every Word in Caps).

The page itself is going to be a template but not within the template namespace. That means when it's called, there needs to be a semicolon before the name, e.g.:


That call will create the page that's intended to be shown only on that items individual page (like going to the Steel Dagger page itself). The default argument is for creating its own page.

To get different data from the call you have to send arguments​(up to 2) that tell the template what to display.

{{:Steel Dagger|genSel|Description}}

Will result in

Sharp steel weapon.

The individual page itself is a template call to whatever type it is (WpnSub, ItmSub, MobSub, etc) But the arguments passed (damage, description) are what is passed and able to be searched. So by calling the item page as a template as above what happened is:

Steel Dagger template call with argument 1 being genSel and argument 2 being Description. That then called WpnSub with all the named arguments from that page in addition to sending argument 1 as Step and argument 2 as Sel.

The Step argument is what determines the output within WpnSub (or any sub) The Sel is what's used to customize the results even more but isn't always necessary.


The table are currently consolidated in the tables template. The table you want can be specified as an argument with the necessary inputs also available.


Will create

Icon Name Group Slot Class Rarity Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistances Traits

And to populate you use

{{Tables|ArmTblInput||Wiki Editing|Group|Slot}}
Icon Name Group Slot Class Rarity Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistances Traits
Wiki Editing Group Slot

If you're using the tables template manually then you'll need to put

After your data


There are a few Templates that take an input and return a more relevant/easier to understand format.

For the most part you won't be passing values like below but as variables



Returns linked icons and resistance values from the format

Fire, Cold, Shock, Death, Toxic, Spirit


Fire.png 20 Holy.png 20

The Vuln option returns a 1 if the resistance matches the input:



Strength, Endurance, Agility, Intellect, Awareness, Personality


Intellect.png 7 

To select a specific trait




Beast Slayer, Holy, Orc Slayer, Paralysis, Silver(nl), Slow, Stun, Vicious


Vicious 10


Detection, Gossip, Stability(nl), Stun Immunity(nl), Tinkering, Wisdom, Shield(nl)


Wisdom 9

nl = no level


Returns linked icons and damage values from the format

(0)Min, (1)max, (2)mainele, (3)ele dam, (4)ele, (5)speed, (6)Crit, (7)Crit Mult 1.5 default, (8) OnHit, (9) OnHit chance, (10) OnHit lvl


Sword.png 10-20 +Poison.png 8

Also since most damage is in this format you can bypass manually putting in all the named fields required for DPS by just sending DPS as the second argument




Returns a DPS value based on inputs


|Min=10|Max=20|Speed=20|Crit=13 |Elem_Dam=8|Crit_Mult=



Calculates XP based on level and whether it's labeled as a boss or miniboss(optional)


Level 10 - {{XPcalc|10}}


Level 10 Boss - {{XPcalc|10|boss}}



This is used for the display of a merchant's items.

On the NPCs page will be:

|InvI=Scroll of Recall
|InvA=Platemail Leggings;Holy Helm
|InvW=Soul Drinker

And gets used with

Name Cost Description
Scroll of Recall 280 Recall Teleports you and your party to a nearby town.
Platemail Leggings 2000 +3 AR    +13 HP 
Holy Helm +2 AR    +8 HP   +8 MP    Shock.png 20  
Soul Drinker 18000 2-Handed   DMG: Sword.png 4-19 +Death.png 6  Spd: 9   Crit: 5% Beast Slayer 2

You can also:

Scroll of Recall; Platemail Leggings; Holy Helm; Soul Drinker

The Lists

These act as a database that most of the other pages to pull from. If you need to change the order of an item in a table, or add an item it's done within these lists.

The Subs

This is where the layout of most pages is set. Also where you create the individual calls when searching for something specific.

Miscellaneous Functions


Sets up columns, 1st input is number of columns

* list of 
* items}}
  • list of
  • items


Makes buttons like on the home page

{{Button|[[Wiki Editing]]}}

Wiki Editing


Used to attach images to links

{{ImgLnk|The Snake Gang|Colo=1}}

{{ImgLnk|The Snake Gang}}

{{ImgLnk|The Snake Gang|icon=0}}

{{ImgLnk|The Snake Gang|icon=Exotic Substances.png}}

The Snake Gang.png The Snake Gang
The Snake Gang.png The Snake Gang
 The Snake Gang
Exotic Substances.png The Snake Gang


Make a normal list out of a ; delimited list


  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d


  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d


Used to make all quotes uniform

{{Quote|in-game|text quoted}}

text quoted
― in-game

Miscellaneous Layout Templates


For creating character builds


For the layout of guild pages


The side bar on most Pages


Template for the different kingdoms


Base XP per Level, used by xpcalc